Brand Feature | Bolt Beauty

I am incredibly lucky to surround myself with strong, bold, ambitious women. Today’s Brand Feature highlights Bolt Beauty. Bolt Beauty is owned and operated out of Calgary by my dear friend, Jane. Jane and I met when she joined the news team at my office. And while our time as co-workers was brief, I am thankful for the friendship that came from it. And also, Oh my god. Look at her! Stunning Goddess Best Friend.

“Bolt Beauty” represents the ability to get glam in a flash and the business was born from the belief that we should all have the chance to feel fierce and luxurious, without breaking the bank. Jane wants her brand to be inclusive and affordable, a way to give anyone and everyone access to products that will allow them to play with their look. Bolt Beauty currently offers cruelty free false lashes and coloured contact lenses. In the future, she hopes to expand to a variety of beauty products and also have an online store with global shipping. For now you can place orders through Instagram DM and she can do pick up or delivery in the Calgary area; but I am sure she would ship within Alberta if you asked nicely and were able to cover the costs.

I don’t frequently wear false lashes, for me it’s more of a special occasion thing. Since it’s not something I do all the time and I’m not accustom to wearing them I prefer to get lashes that offer more length than volume (I find false lashes added to my natural lashes is more than enough volume) so I picked up the Rain set. My order also came with a lash applicator, which is definitely something I’m going to need to practice using.

The lashes are incredibly pretty but the biggest thing I noticed while wearing these lashes was really how light and comfortable they were, which is obviously huge for someone who isn’t a habitual wearer of false lashes.

Support this little business and help them grow! To contact Bolt Beauty, visit them on Instagram.

Brand Feature | Frank Body

When it comes to skincare, we are always looking for the best big miracle worker. But something that has always been tried, and true…coffee scrub. Coffee scrubs are amazing for scrubbing away all that dead skin and relieving dry spots, but many also claim to do things like minimize cellulite and stretch marks.

A very well known coffee scrub company out of Australia is Frank Body. Frank Body has been around for years, but I just recently tried a couple of their scrubs. I tried the Original Coffee Scrub, the Coconut Coffee Scrub and the Express-O scrub. These scrubs aren’t just great for your body, they can also be used on your face to treat dry skin and break outs. Frank Body products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly.

The Express-O scrub is a whipped formula for a slightly more gentle scrub. They recommend you use this to upkeep your smooth skin between major scrubs. This scrub smells absolutely amazing, and I loved how soft and smooth my skin felt after using it.

The other two scrubs are a loose scrub which can be messy and result in a lot of product waste if you aren’t super careful. But I would still absolutely buy them again, my skin feels great and they smell fantastic. I would say I do prefer the smell of the coconut scrub over the original. Have I noticed a difference in scars, cellulite or stretch marks…I honestly wasn’t expecting to because I’ve had stretch marks since puberty. I would say my skin does look more supple which improves appearance slightly but there isn’t a drastic change. It would probably work better on new scarring.

Overall, I think Frank Body is a great option for coffee scrubs because there are a ton of different formulas for every part of your body, they are reasonably priced, they work great, and shipping is free on orders $50+. I am very excited to try more products from Frank Body. They make some hair products that I hear amazing things about and they make a scrub that leaves your skin with a little sparkle…which even at 28 years old I think would be hella cute in the summer.

Fenty Beauty Review

Hey friends! It’s been quite a while since Rihanna released her cosmetic line, Fenty Beauty. But lately I have found that I am SO comfortable with my cosmetics and I have finally found products that really worked for me, so I haven’t wanted to step outside of that niche. Well, thanks to the fact that you can only get Shape Tape from the Tarte website, a recent trip to Sephora had be trying new things. I picked up three products from Fenty Beauty; Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer and Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer.

Starting with the primer, I did find that this primer gave my complexion a nice matte finish instantly after application. However, I did find that my regular primer (The Mattifying Poreless Primer from Tarte) makes for a smoother foundation application. And I really didn’t feel like it did my pores any favors. I did try mixing the two primers together and I liked that; I got the more mattifying finish from the Fenty primer and then the poreless look and easier foundation blending from the Tarte primer. It is also very strongly scented, which some people may find irritating.

I didn’t get as full of coverage from the foundation with just one layer as I would have liked. If you prefer a foundation that is buildable rather than giving full coverage right off the bat, this is a good one for you. They don’t offer a shade for “fair skin with cool undertones” so I got the 110 shade for “very fair skin with cool undertones”. It is VERY light, but with blush and contour I can make it work. It also didn’t give me as smooth of a complexion as you would think, it seemed to sink into my pores. By the end of the day half of my makeup was gone, it wasn’t a good look.

I feel pretty apathetic towards the concealer. I had used it before and I really liked it but it doesn’t seem to work very well with the other Fenty products, which is super odd. I did have some major issues with it not staying in place to cover some spots once I applied a powder over it. I also found that the packaging resulted in quite a bit of product waste; there was product left at the bottle of the tube and I couldn’t fit a concealer brush into the tube to reach it.

Overall, the products didn’t seem to work very well as a collective which was a huge disappointment. I would maybe use the concealer again if I’m in a pickle but I have really hated my experience while using these products.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation

I recently had the opportunity to try the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation and while I don’t have a lot to say, I did want to share my thoughts with you before it’s launch on August 29th.


I hated the packaging. The metallic detail reminds me of the makeup I remember in my grandma’s bathroom when I was growing up. I got the Cool 2 shade for fair skin with pink undertones, it went on super orange. You are supposed to let it dry for 10 minutes to see the true colour and coverage, I don’t know who has an extra 10 minutes to wait during their morning routine but I know I don’t. It did get less orange but I don’t feel confident enough to say there was zero orange. I applied it with a beauty blender and I wouldn’t say they were 100% compatible. At the end of my work day, I didn’t feel like it held up any better than my usual foundation. Good coverage but overall I just don’t see the hype. Considering it costs $53, I think I will just stick to the Tarte Face Tape.

I received this product for free from Influenster to test and review.


Carbon Coco | Charcoal Tooth Polish

Any of you super paranoid about your teeth? I am crazy about oral health, I am always worried about enamel erosion, my tooth sensitivity, stuff I am doing to damage my teeth and any discoloring. I used to use whitening stripes but it was insanely painful, so I wanted to try a more natural approach to teeth whitening. I had heard amazing things about activated charcoal powders, but I had also heard that they are abrasive and damage your enamel. I decided to try Carbon Coco. It is a 100% natural, activated charcoal tooth polishing powder to whiten teeth.


The Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish from Carbon Coco contains “100% Organic coconut shell activated charcoal with a hint of bentonite powder and lemon myrtle”. They also claim to be safe and non damaging while actually strengthening enamel and fighting plaque. They recommend you use this product once daily for 7-14 days and then reduce use to upkeep results. Each tub comes with about 2 months worth of product. Because I am so paranoid, I decided to only use the product 1-3 times a week.

I got the original, and there is absolutely no flavour and no smell. I think if I were to purchase it again I would get the Sweet Mint because I actually find it very odd to not have any flavour; I realize how strange that is. There is kind of a strange texture to it as you brush since it is such a fine powder, it feels kind of dry but not overly bothersome. It makes a HELL of a mess! Lots of black in my sink and definitely required a clean up.

I used this product for almost 3 months on and off and honestly, I noticed zero difference in the colour of my teeth. So that’s that.




Brand Feature | Kismet Essentials

I was recently fortunate enough to win a giveaway from Kismet Essentials and I enjoyed the products so much I wanted to share them with you!


The Float Dead Sea Salt Soak is 100% natural and scented with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. If you are a frequent reader you know that eucalyptus and peppermint is one of my favourite blends! I find this blend so relaxing, but uplifting at the same time. In my opinion, this is the ultimate scent for a spa like experience. It is also amazing while you’re sick, as a decongestant. The scent in these bath salts is quite potent which is great.

They also sent me their Flower Child Floral Mist Spray. I find the name kind of redundant, since mist and spray are kind of the same thing, but I digress. This spray can be used as a room spray or a facial toner. It’s scented with rose and peppermint waters, which isn’t a blend I had ever seen before but it is actually so lovely! The rose is stronger than the peppermint; overall the scent is a very light and fresh. It contains witch hazel which is one of my absolute favourite ingredients for facial toners. Rose water is also super common in skincare products to help with inflammation. Of course, peppermint is an amazing way to refresh. I would definitely suggest light misting if you use this as a toner. I sprayed far too much my first use and I found the scent was too strong and I felt a little burning on my skin and my eyes.

Overall, I am so thrilled to have won this Instagram giveaway because it introduced me to a another all natural Canadian skincare/bath company!

Kat Von D Beauty | Vegan Love Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Guys! It’s been quite a while since I shared new makeup with you and I am super excited to share the Vegan Love palette from Kat Von D Beauty. This palette is obviously vegan and cruelty free but they also donate 20% of the retail proceeds to Mercy For Animals, which is an international non-profit that is dedicated to preventing cruelty towards animals. This palette is available at Sephora and it retails for $53 CAD. It contains 10 vibrate, metallic shades.


The packaging is super beautiful but it is so hard to compete with Kat Von D’s Gothic yet clean designs and black packaging. It has a very luxurious look to it and it isn’t at all cheesy or over the top (Looking at you, Tarte) .

inside 2

I think that it goes without saying that these shadows are intense. They deliver great pigmentation with all day wear. Kat Von D Beauty is famous for their coverage and this palette is no exception. There is a sticker on it saying that it is best applied with your finger; if you do use your finger you will notice a greater pay off and far richer colour. However, if you prefer to use a brush you absolutely can. I do recommend you use a brush that is slightly dampened with a setting spray as it will give you better colour.


I apologize for my super poor swatches; that’s really hard to do by yourself! As you can see, there’s a great range of colours in neons, neutrals and metallics; including a perfect highlighter shade; Equality is a a very light nude pictured below between the brown and red colours. There is such little colour to this shade it makes it a really great universal highlighter.



TooFaced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder

Hey guys! During a recent Sephora trip I decided to try out a new setting powder and I settled on the Toofaced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder. This setting powder is a loose powder, I typically prefer a pressed powder cause I find you get more control over the product but I had remembered seeing someone on Instagram raving about this powder so I wanted to give it a try.


The powder says it’s translucent, with a universal peach tint that works to brighten skin. I have super fair skin and it absolutely leaves a peach/orange colour to my skin which is not good. Obviously, it’s meant to control oil and be mattifying. It smells amazing because of the peach and fig extract. I have had some poor experiences with the packaging for loose powders making it very difficult to actually get any product out, I didn’t have that problem with this packaging; it’s great packaging! The powder is incredibly silky, and it does feel very comfortable and light weight on the skin.

Overall, I thought the powder was pretty unremarkable; which is pretty much how I always feel about TooFaced products.


Brand Feature | Ativo Skincare

Hey Guys! I’ve recently been introduced to a Canadian skincare line that I really want to share! Ativo Skincare is a female owned company out of British Columbia, it’s run by a mother/daughter duo and the company was actually started by the daughter when she was just 11 years old which I think is absolutely incredible. Ativo Skincare products are natural and cruelty free. When I began to follow them on Instagram I was amazed at how beautiful Tracy’s skin was and I instantly trusted their products. You can visit their website for more about them and see my Coupon Codes page for my referral link.

I will update this post as I try more products from Ativo Skincare.

Dead Sea Mud Mask

dead sea

The Dead Sea Mud Mask is made with mineral rich clay from the waters of Israel. It helps to detoxify your skin while also absorbing excess oil, removing dead skin cells, improving skin texture and clarity. When I first started using this I found it to be super irritating which I am told can happen to some people because it is high in sodium. My skin got very red and blotchy. I purchased this product for $21 and there was still so much product in the jar so I really didn’t want it to go to waste but I was pleasantly surprised to find that after a few uses it was far less irritating. And after a few uses I definitely noticed that my skin tone was improving and I had a nice glow from the exfoliation. I like to dampen my skin a little bit before application, it makes spreading the product so much easier.

Rose Quartz Roller

rose quartz

Made with genuine rose quartz, this roller will help to improve blood circulation in the face, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and also decrease puffiness. If kept in the fridge, the added coolness will increase it’s ability to help with puffiness. I shopped around for quite a while before I picked this roller up while it was on sale and I am so glad this is the one I ended up getting. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love the rose gold accents.

Magnesium Oil


Magnesium Oil is a very popular product on the market right now. It’s used a magnesium supplement that is absorbed through the skin, to help avoid deficiency. Magnesium Oil can help to relieve headaches, aches and pains, cramps, insomnia, restless leg syndrome and much more. I wanted to try this product for restless leg syndrome. I sprayed this on my legs and within a minute or so I felt a burning which turned to an itching or tingling which is apparently normal, you can reduce the amount you use to avoid this sensation. You have to give the product 20 minutes to absorb into the skin and then you can rinse it off, after it’s rinsed off the itching should subside. I did find some relief but I don’t really feel like I have used the product enough to say without question that it absolutely worked for me, but I will continue to use it and update with any further developments. To hear more about the Magnesium Oil from Ativo Skincare, check out their Instagram and watch their Story Highlights on the product!

Cleansing Facial Foam Wash

This is a lightweight, whipped foaming cleanser. It is thicker and creamier than it looks, it doesn’t have a mousse like texture although that is what you would expect by looking at it. It has super light exfoliation, it’s gentle enough to use every day. It’s unscented, it just smells like any regular unscented soap. I really loved the texture of this cleanser, it felt great on my face. It has a really nice, soft lather and you don’t need a tiny bit of product which is great. It contains aloe vera which is fantastic for any redness.


Black Magic Facial Soap

The Black Magic Facial Soap is a bar of soap for acne prone skin. It has activated charcoal and pink Australian clay, among other ingredients for minimizing oil and fighting acne. It does contain palm oil but I spoke to Tracy about it and they do use certified sustainable palm oil. They actually get their palm oil direct from a farm in Cambodia that supports a chimpanzee rescue which I thought was really cool. Something else I learned about Ativo during that conversation was that they get their Shea butter from a co-op in Ghana that employs women. It is really so amazing to see companies care so much about using sustainable and ethical ingredients. Now for the actual product; you get a really thick and creamy lather and it rinses off super clean. It leaves skin clean and glowing. It also has a really nice smell. I have noticed an improvement in my overall tone and texture since using Ativo products, so I will definitely continue to use them!


Coconut + Oatmeal Milk Bath

My skin gets so, so dry in the winter so I decided to try the Coconut + Oatmeal Milk Bath and it has worked wonders. It was actually designed to gently cleanse your baby’s sensitive skin in place of soap, but it works wonders to soothe and moisturize dry skin. This is for sure going to be a product I repurchase.

Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

The Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette is not a new product, it is new to me; but not new. I recently picked this up from Sephora for only $29.50, regular price is $59.

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First Impression

Before I get into the product itself, I really want to mention something that I really like about it, the packaging. The packaging on the Pro collection is very clean and classy; black and gold. The past little while Tarte has released a string of lines that look like they are targeting children. I am a grown ass woman, I don’t really want to buy makeup brushes that look like they cost a dollar, and are shaped like fairy wands. I do not want my face and my head to be covered in glitter. One festival line is cute or releasing a couple items every year, but please start making makeup for adults again. I am getting tired of all the unicorn, mermaid, fairy dust shit.


Now the actual product; This palette features four beautiful powder highlights, one cream contour and one powder contour. I do wish the contour shades were a little ashier and more like a natural shadow but they are really beautiful colours for adding some warmth to your face. The cream contour may work for darker skin tones but I don’t really feel like the powder contour would. It also contains four highlight powders and each one would work great for different skin tones in different ways. Highlight shade “Fire” is too dark for me but will work great as an eye shadow. The bottom line is that maybe this isn’t the most universal palette and they could think about doing a collection of Pro Glow palettes for different skin tones.

These powders are formulated with Tarte’s signature vanilla scent which I love. I have experienced a lot of flaws when purchasing Tarte products but if your powder smells like vanilla, you know it’s going to be one of the good products.

After Use

I found the cream contour to be a little “sticky” but it blended really well so the depth of colour was actually not an issue with my super fair skin. I applied the cream contour, blended it, applied a layer of powder because I have very oily skin and then applied a light layer of the contour powder in some spots for extra definition and added warmth since it is summer and I have a little colour. The powders were all super lightweight, buildable and blendable, which left a really natural looking finish. Overall, I would absolutely buy this again.