Brand Feature | Autumn Jade Studio

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be familiar with a brand that I have worked with for quite some time now. Autumn Jade Studio is a female owned business in the Peace Country, offering genuine crystal and sterling silver jewelry. She’s also recently begun working with gold! I have worked with, and been friends with, Siobhan for quite some time. I know how much care she puts into each unique piece, and I know that she sells nothing but genuine crystals (and if it’s not, she’ll tell you). I have seen a lot of jewelry makers out there who are uninformed about their own pieces (don’t even know what type of metal they are using) or will sell their customers fake gems (sometimes out of ignorance and sometimes completely knowingly), this will never be a problem with Siobhan. I have a vast collection of pieces from Siobhan, both pre-made and custom pieces. Whether you’re looking for something vintage inspired, boho, dainty or edgy, Siobhan can create a piece you’ll love.

She offers a variety of bracelets; gem stone, diffuser (lava stone and wood bead), dainty chains and the odd cuff.

Her rings are so stunning. I own a pretty big collection from dainty stackers to statement gems. I was never huge on wearing rings, but now I wear one on almost every finger daily.

And she also offers necklaces; the crystal spheres are my favorite design. And I have a few pairs of earrings, both dangling and stud designs.

I can’t recommend Siobhan enough if you are looking for unique, handmade jewelry. Use the code Kelsey15 for 15% off your order of jewelry from her website or email her about a custom piece.

Brand Feature | Bolt Beauty

I am incredibly lucky to surround myself with strong, bold, ambitious women. Today’s Brand Feature highlights Bolt Beauty. Bolt Beauty is owned and operated out of Calgary by my dear friend, Jane. Jane and I met when she joined the news team at my office. And while our time as co-workers was brief, I am thankful for the friendship that came from it. And also, Oh my god. Look at her! Stunning Goddess Best Friend.

“Bolt Beauty” represents the ability to get glam in a flash and the business was born from the belief that we should all have the chance to feel fierce and luxurious, without breaking the bank. Jane wants her brand to be inclusive and affordable, a way to give anyone and everyone access to products that will allow them to play with their look. Bolt Beauty currently offers cruelty free false lashes and coloured contact lenses. In the future, she hopes to expand to a variety of beauty products and also have an online store with global shipping. For now you can place orders through Instagram DM and she can do pick up or delivery in the Calgary area; but I am sure she would ship within Alberta if you asked nicely and were able to cover the costs.

I don’t frequently wear false lashes, for me it’s more of a special occasion thing. Since it’s not something I do all the time and I’m not accustom to wearing them I prefer to get lashes that offer more length than volume (I find false lashes added to my natural lashes is more than enough volume) so I picked up the Rain set. My order also came with a lash applicator, which is definitely something I’m going to need to practice using.

The lashes are incredibly pretty but the biggest thing I noticed while wearing these lashes was really how light and comfortable they were, which is obviously huge for someone who isn’t a habitual wearer of false lashes.

Support this little business and help them grow! To contact Bolt Beauty, visit them on Instagram.

Brand Feature | Frank Body

When it comes to skincare, we are always looking for the best big miracle worker. But something that has always been tried, and true…coffee scrub. Coffee scrubs are amazing for scrubbing away all that dead skin and relieving dry spots, but many also claim to do things like minimize cellulite and stretch marks.

A very well known coffee scrub company out of Australia is Frank Body. Frank Body has been around for years, but I just recently tried a couple of their scrubs. I tried the Original Coffee Scrub, the Coconut Coffee Scrub and the Express-O scrub. These scrubs aren’t just great for your body, they can also be used on your face to treat dry skin and break outs. Frank Body products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly.

The Express-O scrub is a whipped formula for a slightly more gentle scrub. They recommend you use this to upkeep your smooth skin between major scrubs. This scrub smells absolutely amazing, and I loved how soft and smooth my skin felt after using it.

The other two scrubs are a loose scrub which can be messy and result in a lot of product waste if you aren’t super careful. But I would still absolutely buy them again, my skin feels great and they smell fantastic. I would say I do prefer the smell of the coconut scrub over the original. Have I noticed a difference in scars, cellulite or stretch marks…I honestly wasn’t expecting to because I’ve had stretch marks since puberty. I would say my skin does look more supple which improves appearance slightly but there isn’t a drastic change. It would probably work better on new scarring.

Overall, I think Frank Body is a great option for coffee scrubs because there are a ton of different formulas for every part of your body, they are reasonably priced, they work great, and shipping is free on orders $50+. I am very excited to try more products from Frank Body. They make some hair products that I hear amazing things about and they make a scrub that leaves your skin with a little sparkle…which even at 28 years old I think would be hella cute in the summer.

Brand Feature | Femme Faire

Hey guys! Late last year I stumbled across a brand on Instagram and I really want to share them (now that I have finally ordered some of their products). Femme Faire is a female owned company out of Ontario. They make stylish and modern earrings, bags, jewelry + headbands. Not only do they strive to be sustainable and ethical, they also put a huge emphasis on female empowerment in the work place. It is a solely female run business and they employ many immigrants/refugees, which I love. The more I learn about this brand, like the fact that they donate to women’s shelters, the more I fall in love with them. It’s not even just about the amazing product, it’s the amazing things they do for women.

Today I am sharing the Black Velvet Knotted headband, London Leopard knotted headband (made with fabric from London!), the Vegan Leather Knotted headband and the Black Velvet Braided Headband. I also ordered the studded Black Velvet Knotted headband from their recently released spring collection but I am posting this before I receive it so if you want to see that one, follow me on Instagram!

The Black Velvet Knotted headband is chunkier (bigger frame, bigger knot) than the Vegan Leather and London Leopard, but I actually really love it! I feel like the two velvet ones have a dressier vibe (although any of them could be dressed up or dressed down), particularly the braided one.

Seen below is the London Leopard, Vegan Leather Knotted and Black Velvet knotted.

What I love most about these headbands is that they are the hard framed style instead of a fabric wrap around. I find this style a lot easier to put on, especially with my bangs. If you are in the market for some cute headbands, definitely check out Femme Faire.

Brand Feature | Anupaya

Hey friends! I wanted to share a company with you that I think is really, really special and I am really excited to be an ambassador for. Anupaya is a small company in the Ottawa Valley. They offer apparel, blankets, mugs, hats and more. Anupaya strives to be sustainable; they use recycled materials whenever possible  and they have a One Pound Promise. The One Pound Promise means that for every item sold, they clean up one pound of waste.

Their fedora hats are made with 100% wool and feature a band of recycled leather. I did order one of these hats before I realized it was real leather so I made the decision not to keep it (As a vegetarian, I don’t wear leather). They are beautifully crafted hats so if you are in search of a fedora and you don’t have issues with leather I do highly recommend that you take a look at the options that Anupaya has to offer! I placed an order for the charcoal Supertramp but they sent me the Fawn so I was able to get a photo before I sent it back.


Their blankets are made with 65% recycled wool, and 35% polyester. The fabric is ethically sourced from Italy and cut and sewn in Canada. They come in different colours and patterns to match your decor and they are reversible. They are also quite large at 5ft by 6ft. When I opened my blanket I was so impressed with how thick and cozy it was. They are also machine washable which makes it so easy.

Heads up; If you decide to order any of their apparel, they warn to size up. I ordered the large (I would typically wear a medium) and it was still SO TINY.

I am so excited to be an ambassador for this brand that is all about spreading positive energy and environmental awareness. You can save 15% off your order from Anupaya with the code KelseyProblemz

Brand Feature | Shady Orchard and Winery

Shady Orchard and Winery is a winery in High Prairie, Alberta. They produce a vast variety of fruit wines and are available at liquor stores all over the province. I’ve been lucky enough to work very closely with William and Kristy Gordon and I wanted to share a bit about each flavour!


Wild Blueberry

This wine lingers perfectly between sweet and dry. Super flavourful and aromatic; I think blueberries have quickly become one of my favourite flavour notes in wine! It is perfectly smooth. Now this is an incredibly sophisticated wine review; you know when you take too big of a sip and it makes you kind of shake your head because it’s a little strong? Not a problem with this wine! It is really enjoyable on it’s own but it would also make a fantastic sangria.

Cranberry and Raspberry

This flavour was a seasonal release over Christmas. While I wouldn’t call this a dry wine, it’s definitely not nearly as sweet as many of the other flavours. The tart flavour of the cranberries will be what you initially taste. The raspberries make for a delicious, berry after taste. This wine is the perfect blend for your holiday meals, or just for easy sipping all year round! This would make an amazing Christmas Sangria or a festive spritzer!


The cherry wine from Shady Orchard and Winery is aromatic, it’s sweet as it hits your lips but has a drier after taste when compared to some of the other flavors. I find that the Saskatoon and Raspberry flavor is like that as well; initially sweet but dry after taste/feel. I could even understand if some people might describe this one as having a slight tartness; but in a totally amazing, delicious way.

Mixed Berry

The Mixed Berry wine from Shady Orchard and Winery is a blend of blueberries, saskatoons, raspberries and strawberries – all grown right in High Prairie. Upon uncorking I didn’t notice it as overly aromatic, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have a beautiful scent, it just wasn’t as pungent; and there is no doubt that it is very flavorful. I’m not even sure which berry flavour came through the most – they all blend together so beautifully. It is a very smooth and very sweet wine. There is zero dryness and zero bitterness. This sweet berry wine would be a perfect spritzer or summer sangria.

Summer Berry

This is one of my personal favourites that Shady Orchard and Winery has offered. Summer Berry contains raspberries, strawberries and saskatoon berries so it’s very similar to Mixed Berry but without the blueberries. I really, really enjoyed this one. It has a really great burst of true berry flavour. It starts off sweet but it definitely has a drier after taste which is something I also found with the Cherry flavour.


I was instructed to taste test the plum wine two different ways, at room temperature and chilled. I tried the Saskatoon and Raspberry at both temperatures as well and there was actually a pretty drastic difference in flavor so I was excited to see how it affected the flavor of the plum as well. As soon as I opened the bottle I noticed it was a very aromatic wine. At room temp, this wine was pretty dry compared to the other flavours but I still didn’t consider this to be an overly dry wine; and I say this as someone who doesn’t really like dry wine and still really enjoyed this one. If you are a drinker of red wine and you are accustom to the dryer wines than you will like this one. If you do not like a dry wine you may not like this. I would maybe say that it’s a little on the bitter side but I am not sure that bitter is the world that I would use to explain it. I left it to chill for a little while and I had another glass; I didn’t notice as drastic of a difference in the dryness as I was expecting but I would say the fruitiness was a little more prominent when cold. Again, if you are very sensitive to the dryness in red wines you may want to tread lightly with this one. It would be an excellent one to enjoy with a meal though if you do like red wines. They made a second batch of plum with a different type of plums and I really, really enjoyed that one. It danced perfectly between sweet and dry and was very flavourful.


The pear is another one of my favourites. This wine is best served chilled, it is super crisp and and smooth. There is a really nice balance between dry and sweet. This would be very similar to any Riesling that you drink but the pear flavor is much more noticeable rather than blending in. This is delicious on it’s own but it would also make a really amazing sangria.


The strawberry wine from Shady Orchard and Winery is the epitome of summer. Best served chilled, this wine is an explosion of strawberry flavor with a smooth, buttery finish. This wine is also very, very sweet. I drink a lot of sweeter wines, I’m a big fan of moscato, and even I will say this is very sweet. Makes an amazing summer sangria or a spritzer!

Saskatoon and Raspberry

This is a best seller at the winery.  If you are a fan of saskatoons you will love this wine. I even have friends who don’t like saskatoons who love this wine! The flavour is definitely heavier on the saskatoon side with a slight raspberry tartness. It isn’t a dry wine or a sweet one but if I had to choose, it definitely tilts the scale ever so slightly on the dry side but just ever so slightly; I would compare the level of dryness to a cranberry/raspberry juice. Best served chilled, this wine is super smooth and buttery. If you are not a wine drinker, this is the wine that will get you to become a wine drinker.

Check out Shady Orchard and Winery on Facebook or visit their website to see if you can find them in a liquor store near you.

Brand Feature | Kismet Essentials

I was recently fortunate enough to win a giveaway from Kismet Essentials and I enjoyed the products so much I wanted to share them with you!


The Float Dead Sea Salt Soak is 100% natural and scented with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. If you are a frequent reader you know that eucalyptus and peppermint is one of my favourite blends! I find this blend so relaxing, but uplifting at the same time. In my opinion, this is the ultimate scent for a spa like experience. It is also amazing while you’re sick, as a decongestant. The scent in these bath salts is quite potent which is great.

They also sent me their Flower Child Floral Mist Spray. I find the name kind of redundant, since mist and spray are kind of the same thing, but I digress. This spray can be used as a room spray or a facial toner. It’s scented with rose and peppermint waters, which isn’t a blend I had ever seen before but it is actually so lovely! The rose is stronger than the peppermint; overall the scent is a very light and fresh. It contains witch hazel which is one of my absolute favourite ingredients for facial toners. Rose water is also super common in skincare products to help with inflammation. Of course, peppermint is an amazing way to refresh. I would definitely suggest light misting if you use this as a toner. I sprayed far too much my first use and I found the scent was too strong and I felt a little burning on my skin and my eyes.

Overall, I am so thrilled to have won this Instagram giveaway because it introduced me to a another all natural Canadian skincare/bath company!

Brand Feature | Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files

Mont Bleu is a company from the Czech Republic that recently reached out to me about sending me some of their glass nail files. They said I could choose what they sent but I decided to just let them choose what to send. They also have really cute manicure sets and tweezers. They sent me a set of 3 blue files and one black file that is encrusted with real Swarovski crystals. My crystal file is the Swarovski Crystal Nail File BB-M1-12 in blue. I believe my other files are the set of 3 Rainbow Crystal Nail Files R-BMS4 in Cobalt just judging by what I see on their website.

These nail files are really cute, gentle and comfortable to use. Would I say they’re more effective than a traditional emery board nail file? Not necessarily; it was kind of hard to get used to the glass as opposed to the soft material of an emery board. They definitely feel more luxurious than a traditional nail file and they’re easier to clean and sanitize. They are made of very tough tempered glass so they won’t break if you drop them. I would say they far are sturdier and don’t wear down as quickly as an emery board nail file might. The bigger file can also be used to buff away dead skin from your feet.

I definitely think these would be great nail files for professionals in salons because of how glamorous they are and because they’re easy to keep clean.

They arrived a lot quicker than I was expecting from Prague and I wasn’t charged any duties or anything on the package.

If you use the code BLOG you will receive 20% off your order.

I’ll link all of their websites and social media below. Their website does state that they offer a money back guarantee.

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