FabFitFun | Summer 2017

My mom originally signed up for the FabFitFun account and then after receiving one box and not being too excited about it she switched the shipping address over to me. This is my third and final box, the exchange from USD to CAD is just too expensive – we decided it wasn’t worth it.


FabFitFun sends out a mini mag in each box. This season it’s a newspaper style. It features details about the items included.

Every quarter, FabFitFun partners with a different charity, and for this box, the charity is Joyful Heart. The product you received in partnership with Joyful heart was a Michael Stars Ruana/Scarf/Sarong. Valued at $54 USD. There were three colour options, blue/white, black/white, and a beige/orange/purple. I got the beige/orange/purple and that was definitely my last choice so I’m gonna give it to my mom; she’s not crazy about the colour either but she might wear it as a sarong. It could be worn as a scarf, a ruana or a bathing suit cover/sarong.  It measures 41″ x 72″and it is 100% Viscose.


If you are an annual subscriber, you were able to select your Ruana. If you’re a quarterly subscriber, you were surprised by which colour you got.

The next product is a Kris Nations Mystic Bar Necklace – Valued at $58 USD. The necklace has an adjustable length 16-18 inches. It came in three different colours; blue with a gold chain, peach with a gold chain and white with a silver chain. I would have liked the silver chain because I won’t really wear gold but I got the blue one. It’s really cute and I really liked the packaging but I’m not really all that likely to wear it.


Again, if you are an annual subscriber, you were able to select your necklace.

The last item you had a choice in if you were an annual subscriber is the BKR Bottle, Valued at $35. I got it in the neon pink colour. I am not really a pink person so I would have chose the blue option but this is a super bright pink so it’s not grossly girly. I am probably going to use this just cause it’s a great way to reduce waste. They are dishwasher safe, and the silicone is BPA and phthalate free.


Juice Beauty Smoothing Eye Concentrate is one of the beauty products included– Valued at $29 USD. It is a hydrating and smoothing eye lotion to brighten the eye area. It applied really nicely, it absorbed really quickly as well. Juice Beauty does not test on animals and they do not sell their products in China.

Avene Eau Thermale Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion is another beauty produce – Valued at $24 USD. I was actually excited about this product because I needed to get a facial sunscreen for the summer. Avene doesn’t test their products on animals but they do sell their products in China so that is up to you if you want to support their products or not.

Another beauty product – Cargo HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze. This is valued at $30 USD and as far as I know Cargo does not test on animals. My first impression of this highlighter was that it’s really pretty, subtle glow and I liked the packaging. The shimmer is very fine so there is no chunky glitter. The powder is really soft and smooth, blending nicely when I put it on my fingers but when I tried applying it to my face on the same places I always apply highlighter it just ended up looking like I applied way too much bronzer so I am going to stick to using this on the apple of my cheeks like a golden, glowy blush.

All subscribers either got mystery fitness item or another beauty item. I received the beauty item – Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, $20 USD. Klorane does not test on animals and their products are plant based and vegan. This dry shampoo is formulated without parabens or sulfates. I stopped using dry shampoo because it was drying out my scalp but I am excited to try this out.

All subscribers received a traveler, artist or chef item. I received the chef item which is pretty cool. Salted Himalayan Pink Salt Kit, valued at $26 USD. Freshly grated Himalayan Pink Salt and a really cute little display for your kitchen. I don’t get as much salt as quickly grating it this way as I do from other graters but it’s kind of a cute little luxury item to display.


 Vital Proteins Marine Collagen Sample is the last item in my box – Valued at $2.50. This is just a powder that you can add to food or a drink (smoothie, water, coffee) to add protein. It wasn’t included towards the final total of your box as it’s just a sample.


I’ve been pretty into the boxes I received so far but this one was disappointing to me because I didn’t get the items in the colours I would have liked which is a huge downside to just having the seasonal account – everything is a surprise.

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Okay so the spring FabFitFun box for this year is actually a really good one and I am super happy with everything I got. The exchange rate isn’t great right now so while it’s $49.99 USD, this box costed almost $80 CAD.

Each box features one of three designs of roundie from Gypsy 05. Roundies are great to use for picnic blankets or at the beach. I was really hoping for the navy tie dye roundie and that’s the one I got! Valued at $50 USD.


There was a bottle of Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave In Conditioning Spray. I love leave in conditioner. My hair is colour treated and when it’s wet it can get pretty knotty. Leave in conditioner makes it a lot easier to comb out. This conditioner works great and smells really nice. I looked it up and Briogeo doesn’t test on animals. Valued at $20 USD


Each box contained one of three designs of Milly Zip Pouch. They’re water resistant clutches great for using as a beach bag or makeup bag. I got a white one that says ‘Slay All Day’ which I’m really happy with! I think I’m definitely more likely to use this as a makeup bag because there isn’t a lot of beaches where I live. Valued at $45


It also contained a bottle of Dr. Brandt Micro-dermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator. You apply, let it sit and then rinse to reveal smoother more radiant skin. Valued at $79 USD.


Each box also contained a box of four Karuna Hydrating Face Masks. These are sheet masks made out of 100% natural wood pulp fiber. These masks are super wet so there is a lot of product. It’s super easy to apply, it stays on your face pretty well. My skin felt really nice afterward. I definitely don’t think it would be nice to use on a regular basis. Valued at $28 USD.


You also got a box set of lip products from RealHer in either Deep Red, Deep Nude or Neutral Pink. Each box contained a liquid lipstick, a lip plumping lip gloss and a lip liner. I got the Deep Nude shade. It’s a really pretty deep pink nude, actually pretty similar to Bestie from Tarte. The liquid lipstick dries matte and it looks really nice on. It applied super smooth and when I first applied it I wasn’t sure it did try matte because it was pretty ‘wet’. I was pretty pleased with it overall. The lip gloss feel pretty sticky which I don’t love. They’re all pretty long wearing though. Follow me on Instagram to see what the lipstick looks like on. Valued at $48 USD.


You also got a set of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes. You either got a light blue shade and a white or a light pink shade and a white. I got the Blue Orchid/Like A Virgin box set. I’m really happy I got the blue, these are gorgeous pastels for spring. Valued at $19.


The last item in the box was a piece of jewelry. You either got a gold cuff or a set of earrings and matching ear climbers in rose gold. I got the earrings and I am really happy with that! These will be so cute for festival season. Valued at $85 USD.



My mom recently decided to sign herself up for FabFitFun, she received the Fall box and then decided I might benefit more from the subscription so she switched it to my address! The Winter 2016 box is the first one I’ve received and I’m really excited about it!

So this box costs around $65 CAD and is apparently valued at around $330 CAD.
(boxes are $49.99 USD and this box is valued at $252.95)
It came beautifully packaged.


It also came with this little magazine that has info about the products, a couple short articles and drink recipes for the holiday season.


So let’s jump into the products!
First up we have this beautiful D.L. & Co Candle. You received one of two candles, the Bergamot Woods candle in a silver glass or Blackberry Nectar in a gold one. I got the Bergamot Woods and it smells so great; it’s a very fresh wintery smell and the component it comes in is so gorgeous and classy looking. Value: $45 USD


Next there is a Gorjana Necklace. You either received a gold lariat style necklace or a silver layered double pendant. I got the silver one; it’s very dainty and came in this really cute packaging. I like dainty, simple jewelry so I think this necklace is really cute but it’s an awkward length as it hangs right in my cleavage. It should be shorter or longer. It also included $20 off a purchase from Gorjana which I threw in with a gift for a friend. Value: $75 USD



Next is these super cute thank you cards from Marie Mae. They’re navy polka dotted with gold detail. There are envelopes included. These are so pretty and actually probably going to be handy to have around. Value: $24 USD


They also included a Moleskine 2017 Weekly Planner. Each box included one in either purple or green. I got it in green which is perfect because I decided to gift it and the person I was giving it too loves green. Value: $20.95 USD


Next is the Butter London Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara. First impression was that I really liked the brush on this mascara but after using it I didn’t like the brush very much. I got good volume, curl and rich black colour but zero length. Overall, I didn’t like this mascara. Value: $20 USD


Next is the O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face. This is like a spray that you apply and then rinse off to achieve softer, smoother skin. It’s an all natural enzyme exfoliant. I was kind of skeptical about this since it’s a spray on but it didn’t drip or anything. I wasn’t blown away by it either though. Value: $44 USD


There’s the Anderson Lilley Beach Butter Body Cream. Each box had one in either Sicilian Tangerine or Winter in Manhattan Beach. I got the Sicilian Tangerine and it smells absolutely incredible. I loved it instantly. Value: $24 USD


Lastly; I read somewhere that each box contains some sort of charity product. This box includes a little gold star pin which is really cute. It’s for the Starlight Children’s Foundation; for every dollar they raise the Starlight Children’s Foundation devotes 85 cents to programs that brighten the lives of seriously ill children.