TooFaced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder

Hey guys! During a recent Sephora trip I decided to try out a new setting powder and I settled on the Toofaced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder. This setting powder is a loose powder, I typically prefer a pressed powder cause I find you get more control over the product but I had remembered seeing someone on Instagram raving about this powder so I wanted to give it a try.


The powder says it’s translucent, with a universal peach tint that works to brighten skin. I have super fair skin and it absolutely leaves a peach/orange colour to my skin which is not good. Obviously, it’s meant to control oil and be mattifying. It smells amazing because of the peach and fig extract. I have had some poor experiences with the packaging for loose powders making it very difficult to actually get any product out, I didn’t have that problem with this packaging; it’s great packaging! The powder is incredibly silky, and it does feel very comfortable and light weight on the skin.

Overall, I thought the powder was pretty unremarkable; which is pretty much how I always feel about TooFaced products.


Movie Review | A Quiet Place

It has been a long time since I saw a horror movie that truly blew me away; and while I initially had a hard time filing A Quiet Place under horror, I was scared so I guess that fits the definition. I was scared for the characters. I was scared to cough in the theatre. It started boring, which made me wonder if it was going to be scary at all. But then it got super exciting, and then it got heartbreaking, and then it was over; it all seemed to happen so quickly.

If this movie doesn’t deserve an Oscar for sound editing, I don’t know what will. Did you see Don’t Breathe? They focused so much on little sounds, like the sound of a heart beating, because the antagonist was blind. A Quiet Place sort of pulled from that same structure. The emphasis on the sounds, because of the lack there of, made it that much more thrilling. And of course, it was about the lengths that a parent would go to to protect their child. Which was the heartbreaking part. The acting was phenomenal, from the entire cast. Emily Blunt was astounding, but I don’t think I have ever seen John Krasinki in a such serious role so seeing him like this was most impressing.

I left this theatre feeling absolutely nauseated, and it wasn’t from the popcorn and milk duds; it was an adrenaline crash. I’m not sure I’ve ever left a movie feeling like that.

The monster was maybe a little too ‘Stranger Things’. I only wish we had been able to see Emily Blunt annihilating them all.

Coffeeology | Bones Coffee Co Taste Testing

I found a coffee company recently via Instagram that really caught my eye. The Bones Coffee Company caught my eye for two reasons; 1. It’s called Bones Coffee Co. and 2. It features skeletons on every beautiful, black bag. The beans are specialty roasted upon ordering. My boyfriend and I are avid coffee drinkers, so I HAD to grab a couple bags.

Now this is an American company so while priced at $19.99 on the site, I did pay more. And it’s $9 flat rate shipping to Canada. They do often offer discounts if you sign up to receive they’re emails and often will send 2oz sample bags when you place an order. They also offer sample kits where you get to choose five 4oz bags, in either whole beans or ground beans, of the coffee you want to try because there is such a huge variety of flavors and some are a little “out there”.

I ordered full sized bags of the French Toast and Dark Roast while getting sample bags in Jamaican Me Crazy, Medium Roast, Espresso, French Vanilla and High Voltage. Included in my order was a free 2oz sample of the Jacked O’ Lantern coffee which is pumpkin spiced. I won’t bother reviewing the Dark Roast or the Medium Roast because these are very normal coffees. They are both very good quality beans, excellent flavors and very smooth finish but there isn’t much more to say about them aside from that.

All of the beans smelled absolutely amazing so I was super excited to start taste testing.


High Voltage

High Voltage is a signature blend with twice the caffeine content of a regular coffee. Very bold but also so smooth.

Jacked O’ Lantern

I am not HUGE on pumpkin spice but if it’s subtle, I do like it. There are pumpkin spiced teas that I like. This coffee was a little TOO flavorful for my liking, but if you’re a fan of pumpkin spice you may absolutely love it. It smelled great, but I didn’t enjoy the flavor. I was not surprised that the flavor would be stronger in a coffee than it is in a tea, and I’ll probably pass the bag onto a friend who enjoys pumpkin spiced products. My boyfriend doesn’t like pumpkin spiced at all so he didn’t even try this one.


Jamaican Me Crazy

This was a flavor that I was really excited to try. The beans smelled absolutely amazing. It is a medium roast coffee with vanilla, caramel and coffee liqueur flavor. Because of the Jacked O’ Lantern I definitely expected the flavors to be a little stronger but these didn’t overpower the actual coffee at all. It smelled stronger than it tasted which is good I guess because it smelled super strong. It had a really smooth finish, zero bitterness and all the flavors blend so well together. Makes a really awesome iced coffee with a little cream. This is definitely one that we’ll be picking up again.


Bones Coffee Co Espresso is a blend of beans from South-Central America and has hints of citrus and cocoa. This bean is offered whole or in an espresso grind, which is a finer grind than a normal coffee. If you use a regular coffee maker they do recommend that you buy the bean whole and grind them yourself. We always grind our own beans but we also have a grinder that gives you the option to do a finer espresso grind. At the point when I tried this coffee, I had been drinking Starbucks Blonde Espresso for a while so I really got the full affect of this espresso. I did a caramel macchiato with this espresso and I was really pleased with the final flavor. It was strong and less sweet compared to the Blonde roast I had gotten used to but it was very smooth and I wouldn’t say it was at all bitter. I didn’t at all notice a citrus or cocoa flavors but I’m guessing these are what gave this strong coffee less edge.


French Toast

This was another one that I was excited to try, especially after receiving the order and smelling the beans. This is a medium roast bean with hints of buttery toast, vanilla, maple and cinnamon. Which sounds INCREDIBLE. The flavors are aren’t too over powering; they blend well together and with the coffee. This coffee makes for an excellent latte. It’s very smooth, there is zero bitterness and I hardly found I had to add any sugar at all.


French Vanilla

A medium roast coffee with creamy vanilla flavor. This bag was more for me than it was for Ty. Vanilla and Caramel are my two ‘go-to’ flavors when it comes to coffee. I found that this had the perfect amount of flavour. I just needed to add a little cream and a little sugar. It was so smooth and the vanilla was just a nice light and warm flavor. This also makes a great latte.

Overall I was really happy with this brand and I am definitely going to be ordering more. With the exception of the pumpkin spice, I found all the flavors to be pretty subtle; the perfect touch, blending well with the actual coffee taste and there was zero bitterness with a smooth finish. I’m not one to drink my coffee black but I probably could with a lot of these flavoured coffees; I added less sugar than I normally do.


Tarte Cosmetics Clay Play Face Shaping Palette

Hello Readers! I recently picked up the oh so beautiful Clay Play Face Shaping Palette from Tarte Cosmetics! This palette includes three contour shades and 9 shadow shades in neutral tones to sculpt your whole face. This palette goes for $64 but during Tarte’s 7 days of sales for their 17th birthday, I picked up this bad boy for $25 CAD.

My palette came with some smudges on the packaging which is ~whatever~. The packaging is super sturdy, definitely one of the palette’s made from better quality materials.


My favourite contour shade in this is the one in the middle, it’s called Desert. However, I have really fair skin and my ideal contour shade would be closer to the eye shadow “Dunes” in this palette which is more grey and ashy. It’s very close to (maybe the same as) Jetsetter from the Tartelette In Bloom eye shadow palette. In this palette it is the one on the top left in the shadows above Desert. I find that these ashy shades create a more cool toned, natural looking shadow. Dunes is definitely my go-to for my crease when doing my eyes.


These powders are super silky and pigmented. They blend so well and they also have that Tarte signature vanilla scent. While this palette is all neutral tones it’s also so versatile and perfect for travel because you have every thing you need to sculpt your face is on pretty palette.


The only bad experience I had with this palette is that I tried to use the darkest contour shade and ended up with it looking super blotchy. It didn’t blend smoothly which I don’t blame on the powder; I had recently run out of primer and I had just applied Clearasil to my face so I was applying the powder to a very dry foundation. This of course ended up a disaster since I had use the darkest shade. So these powders definitely benefit from a nice smooth, well moisturized or well primed base.

Overall, this palette is a really great investment. I particularly feel like this is a great palette for people who aren’t huge makeup enthusiasts because it’s all in one palette and it’s all very basic, not intimidating at all.


Tarteist Pro Magnetic Palette

I usually don’t bother with magnetic palettes but I picked up the Tarteist Pro Magnetic Palette in Wild Animal and I am really pleased. Because this is part of the Pro collection it is definitely better quality, and a more glamorous design. I have had a few experiences lately where Tarte products have fallen apart on me because the glue fails to hold. You can definitely tell this palette is much sturdier; it feels nice and heavy in the hands. I often don’t feel like the packaging for Tarte products really suit ‘me’, but I really like this animal print. I’m definitely attracted more to products that are black and white, black and gold etc.  I popped out all of my Tarte blushes and put them in there and popped out my highlighters from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit. The palette is big enough to fill 9 of the Tarte blushes, just to give you an idea of size.

Because it is just a magnetic palette there isn’t much to review but if you have ever been deterred from Tarte products because of the packaging design, this is definitely a sturdier component and would be great for storing Tarte’s awesome products.



Movie Review | Spiderman: Homecoming

I’m not sure why I still do movie reviews but here are my thoughts on Spiderman: Homecoming.

It was awesome. I don’t know anything about the Marvel comics, I don’t know if Spiderman and The Avengers were even part of the same series but tying this Spiderman into the Avengers was a genius idea. I loved having the Avengers characters featured and have Peter look up so much to Iron Man, he wanted to earn his approval so much. I also actually really love that they made him so young because then Peter Parker is really this just young, nerdy kid who has so much to prove. I LIKED that he wasn’t just your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman, but that ultimately in the end he knew that he wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of being an Avenger. I liked that they gave him his little nerdy sidekick too and I loved the high tech suit because it added so much comic relief.  I am a huge fan of the Marvel movies because they add in the extra comical aspect to the films and this one was probably one of the funniest ones; so many hilarious one liners and just the smallest details making this movie even more funny. It also had a really great twist about the bad guy. I also really liked the way MJ was introduced to build up to her future with Peter Parker. I liked the time line for the film, how they formatted it to be 8 years ago Avengers 2 and just after Captain America: Civil War. I do think that it would be nice to have gotten a bit of a origin story but I wouldn’t want that to take up so much of the film as the Toby McGuire films did. It was almost 2 1/2 long; it didn’t really feel long because it was pretty eventful, but then near the end it started to feel like “okay you can be over now” which may have been because it was late, I was tired and I had to pee.  The only thing I wasn’t loving was that they called it “Homecoming” just because he goes to the homecoming dance, definitely think there’s a better name for it. Overall, I think this is by far the best Spiderman and I can’t wait for more!


SAJE HAUL: My First Essential Oils

So I decided to jump on the band wagon and try essential oils. I got a pretty big haul from the Saje Wellness store. I started with one trip and then went back for more the next day cause I was just so excited!


Limited Edition AromaBreeze Marble Diffuser
Snore No More Roll On
Peppermint Halo Roll On
Pain Release Bath Salts
Refresh Diffuser Blend
Tranquility Diffuser Blend
Energy Roll On
Liquid Sunshine Diffuser Blend
Wooden Blend Bar

So I picked up the Limited Edition AromaBreeze Marble Diffuser because it was $60 when you spent $40 on oils. I figured I was going to spend $40 on oils so I might as well pick up the diffuser on sale! The diffuser is pretty quiet, it does have sort of a weird sound when the moisture drips in side that sounds like my dog licking himself. It goes for 8 hours which is awesome and it fills a room 300-500 square ft. I think the marble finish on this diffuser is beautiful and it looks gorgeous in any room.

For the diffuser I picked up the Refresh, Tranquility and Liquid Sunshine blends:

Refresh is pretty self explanatory; it’s kind of a pick me up. Eucalyptus to calm, lemon to refresh and uplift, peppermint to invigorate the senses. I really like this blend, it smells great and makes a room smell so welcoming and refreshing. It’s very spa-like.

Tranquility is for sleep. Roman chamomile, lavender and ylang ylang to relax, soothe and de-stress. This blend is really relaxing, it smells great. I’ve really been enjoying it at bed time. I put it in my diffuser about an hour or so before I want to go to sleep and then just let it fill the room.

Liquid Sunshine really gives me that pick me up that I get from the warm sun. Grapefruit to boost your mood, lime to wake your senses and bergamot for relaxation. This amazing citrus blend smells fantastic and makes me feel fresh. I really enjoy this one; I think this would be a great pick me up during the dark winter months or just on a rainy day.

I got the Peppermint Halo roll on which is for relieving headache. I get really bad headaches caused by tense muscles in my neck but this works so quickly to relieve that tension and help with my headaches. It feels very cooling on the skin. Peppermint to relieve aches and pains, lavender to calm the mind and relieve headache symptoms, rosemary for stress and aches. I really like this one, I can see myself going through it quickly. I was told by the woman in the store that this peppermint isn’t meant for the diffuser but that they have another peppermint for that. Something about being diluted for application to the skin.

I picked up the Snore No More roll on for my boyfriend. You roll it on the bottom of your feet before bed to relieve respiratory problems that cause snoring. It contains myrtle and marjoram to relieve the respiratory problems and to treat cold and flu symptoms, and roman chamomile for relaxation to promote sound sleep. My boyfriend has only used this once since I got it because he’s been out of town but I really did notice he snored far less. It is supposed to work better the more you use it and your body adapts to the oils.

The Energy roll on is a little pick me up for when I get wonky at work mid afternoon. This blend has peppermint and lemon to uplift and boost mood, and rosemary to de-stress and keep your mind sharp. I have found that this is perfect for use throughout the work day. I work in a space where I sit in front of a computer all day and there isn’t a lot of air flow unless my door and/or window is open for this helps to keep me from using focus.

I store my roll-on essential oils in this little plastic lipstick organizer, which is working quite nicely for me.

I carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders which causes a lot of headaches. I also get really sore in my lower back. I picked up the pain release bath salts in just a small bag to try them out. I really, really enjoyed them. They feel like a hot/cold lotion for muscles but they smell so relaxing. I feel so great after every use. The Pain Release contains marjoram, roman chamomile and rosemary; they all work to de-stress your mind and calm the body to relieve strains, sprains and arthritis.

Lastly, I picked up this cute little wooden blend bar. It’s totally unnecessary but it was only like $5.95.

I’m really happy with all of my oils and I’m really excited to see how they improve my overall health and well being. If you have any oil recommendations please leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear what oils you’re loving.



While I was drinking with a girlfriend one night Wine Drunk Kelsey decided to order a gift for Sober Kelsey and what Drunk Kelsey chose was some Amazonian Clay 12hr Highlighter from Tarte in the shade Exposed. This is a gorgeous nude highlighter, it’s very neutral/generic which makes it great for every skin tone. It’s $35 from Sephora.


This highlighter is formulated with Amazonian Clay so it’s a super soft, creamy powder. It’s very pigmented, blendable and leaves a stunning, long wearing glow. This highlighter also smells like vanilla which is something I really love about so many of the Tarte powdered products, they don’t have a chemical smell like so much makeup does. Amazonian Clay also has all these amazing benefits for your skin like it’s balancing for oily skin, it hydrates, it improves skins overall tone and texture.

I swatched it next to Butterscotch from Anastasia Beverly Hills to show how they are kind of in the same shade range. Butterscotch doesn’t have the super smooth, creamy texture that Exposed has and Butterscotch also has a slightly chunkier glitter although you can’t really see that when they are on the skin.


Overall, I really think that this was a great purchase and will definitely buy this gorgeous highlighter again.



I cashed in 500 of my Sephora Beauty Insider points on the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Discovery Set and I wanted to share my thoughts! The set also included a travel size of the Lights, Camera Lashes 4 in 1 mascara which is not a part of the Rainforest of the Sea collection. I’ve actually never tried Tarte products before so this was a really exciting package for me to get!

Note that Tarte Cosmetics are cruelty free.


  • Lights, Camera Lashes Mascara
  • Drench Lip Splash Lipstick in Beach Bum
  • Deep Dive Cleansing Gel
  • Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting 4 in 1 Mist
  • Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation samples in light neutral, light-medium honey, medium honey and tan sand.

Lights, Camera, Lashes 4 in 1 Mascara

This is the first product of the set that I tried and I was so incredibly impressed. The brush was wonderful and I got long lasting curl, length, volume and rich colour. It also conditions and is very easy to remove. I washed it off with a Wash Dolly, which is basically a knock off version of the Make Up Eraser. This particular formula isn’t waterproof and I didn’t put it to any sort of crying test or anything besides washing it off, it does come in a waterproof formula called Lights, Camera, Splashes. It comes in a super cute sort of snake patterned pouch design tube. This mascara sells for $25.00 CA at Sephora is a little cheaper than my usual mascara so I actually think I might make the switch! I’m awful at eye photos so you’re just going to have to take my word that this mascara is fantastic and definitely worth a try!


Drench Lip Splash Lipstick in Beach Bum

This is a “dark nude” as described on the Sephora website. The Discovery Set comes with a 0.035 oz sample. This lipstick actually broke the instant it touched my lips which meant application wasn’t easy because I didn’t have a brush I could use (haha). On my fair skin it looked like kind of a brownish peach, or brown/orange. Initially I wasn’t particularly fond the colour but I did like the overall feel of the formula; it was smooth, soft and felt super hydrating to my lips and the colour did grow on me as I finished getting ready. It kind of reminded me of Lolita by Kat Von D. This lipstick is vegan and comes in 12 shades ranging from nude to blackberry, including corals, pinks, reds and violets. I don’t think I would buy this lipstick as the formula rubbed off easily.

Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation

This foundation is available in 12 shades. It is formulated without parabens or phthalates and it’s also gluten free which was something I wasn’t even aware was a thing when it comes to cosmetics. It’s said to be a lightweight but full coverage foundation with 12 hour wear. It sells for $47.00 CA at Sephora. When you buy the foundation it actually comes with a dropper applicator and they recommend that you apply the foundation right onto your brush or sponge before applying to your face. I really wish that I could share my thoughts on this foundation with you, however, I seem to have misplaced my samples.

Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting 4 in 1 Mist

Retailing at $30.00 Canadian at Sephora; this is a primer, hydrating mist, skin refresher and setting spray in one product. It’s packed with antioxidants and vegan and cruelty free. I absolutely loved the dewy glow this gave my skin, it also left my face looking so smooth and it smells amazing. I tried spraying it onto my beauty blender and I really liked that. This is definitely a product I intend on buying in the future.

Deep Dive Cleansing Gel

This gel cleanser is sold at Sephora for $30.00 CA.  It didn’t really have much of a gel consistency in my opnion, it was more of a liquid cleanser. It’s lavender oil infused, full of antioxidants and Vitamin C to brighten complexion, and removes excess oil while maintaining the skins natural moisture balance. I really loved the scent which I would assume is the lavender oil but to me it smelled more like eucalyptus. It washed my foundation off well but didn’t wash my eyebrow wax off at all. My complexion did look pretty fresh and brightened after a couple washes.  I would probably spend the money to try the cleanser again.

The Final Step is Acceptance

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed something different about myself. I’m 100%, undoubtedly, and ridiculously…unhappy. I never really understand why though. I feel homesick, and guilty. Guilty for not being there last year while my dad was sick, guilty for not being there when my grandpa died, and guilty that I’m beginning to forget what my brother’s laugh sounded like.

I constantly and consistently feel small, stupid and insignificant to the one person who is supposed to make me feel like I matter more than anything.

I never go out anymore. I sit at home every night and watch Netflix. Not even with him, I watch it in bed by myself.

I go to bed at night, and cry, while a million questions run through my head.

Did I make a mistake? Can I leave? Should I leave? Would he care? Would he be relieved? Is he waiting for me to leave? Is it this town?Am I desirable? Does he still love me? Do I still love him? Would it hurt to die? If I hurt myself, would he notice me? Does he see me? Does anyone see me? Is he bored of me? Do I have any friends? Is he the reason I feel like this? Am I just homesick? Am I just bored? Is it weather depression? Cabin Fever? Is it just stress? Am I sick?

And I feel guilty for thinking these things. Well…some of them.