TooFaced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder

Hey guys! During a recent Sephora trip I decided to try out a new setting powder and I settled on the Toofaced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder. This setting powder is a loose powder, I typically prefer a pressed powder cause I find you get more control over the product but I had remembered seeing someone on Instagram raving about this powder so I wanted to give it a try.


The powder says it’s translucent, with a universal peach tint that works to brighten skin. I have super fair skin and it absolutely leaves a peach/orange colour to my skin which is not good. Obviously, it’s meant to control oil and be mattifying. It smells amazing because of the peach and fig extract. I have had some poor experiences with the packaging for loose powders making it very difficult to actually get any product out, I didn’t have that problem with this packaging; it’s great packaging! The powder is incredibly silky, and it does feel very comfortable and light weight on the skin.

Overall, I thought the powder was pretty unremarkable; which is pretty much how I always feel about TooFaced products.


Tarteist Pro Magnetic Palette

I usually don’t bother with magnetic palettes but I picked up the Tarteist Pro Magnetic Palette in Wild Animal and I am really pleased. Because this is part of the Pro collection it is definitely better quality, and a more glamorous design. I have had a few experiences lately where Tarte products have fallen apart on me because the glue fails to hold. You can definitely tell this palette is much sturdier; it feels nice and heavy in the hands. I often don’t feel like the packaging for Tarte products really suit ‘me’, but I really like this animal print. I’m definitely attracted more to products that are black and white, black and gold etc.  I popped out all of my Tarte blushes and put them in there and popped out my highlighters from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit. The palette is big enough to fill 9 of the Tarte blushes, just to give you an idea of size.

Because it is just a magnetic palette there isn’t much to review but if you have ever been deterred from Tarte products because of the packaging design, this is definitely a sturdier component and would be great for storing Tarte’s awesome products.



REVIEW: TooFaced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

The Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette from TooFaced was initially a limited edition product but it was so popular they brought it back as part of an entire Sweet Peach collection.


The palette features matte, satin, shimmer and glitter shades. It has beautiful neutrals, pinks and corals, plus a deep violet, navy blue, black and olive green. The palette also smells like peaches because its infused with the antioxidant-rich fruit.
My first impression of the palette was that the component was really cute but it seemed to be kind of cheaply made. It closes magnetically but it doesn’t really feel all that secure, kind of flimsy. It’s very light which is nice for travel, it’s also great for travel because it’s super versatile; it has great colours for just subtle day to day looks, glam it up or add a pop of fun and unique colour. The peach scent was very subtle.

After using the palette I was actually pretty disappointed. The scent did become stronger. The colour pigmentation didn’t absolutely blow me away but it also wasn’t bad; some colours were definitely more pigmented than others. I was particularly fond of the pearl shades. Luscious is probably my favourite, it looks like just a nice pearl light golden brown in the palette but when I put it on my eye it reminded me of a Fuzzy Peach; how they’re yellow and then have the little orange/peach spot, it was kind of iridescent and colour changing in the light. I used the palette for a few days with a few different looks and I used it along with the TooFaced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer. I noticed that at the end of my work day the shadow had faded or was creasing. The matte shades and pearl/metallic shades seemed to withstand the day the best. I experienced some fall out when applying and it took a little more elbow grease to blend the colours nicely compared to some other brands. I was disappointed that the pink sparkles in the shade Talk Derby To Me weren’t even noticeable after application and that colour in particular faded a lot by the end of my work day.

Overall it is a really nice palette for just day to day, but I was hoping to use it for my sister’s makeup for her wedding and now I’m just not 100% sure that it would hold up for the big day.


While I was drinking with a girlfriend one night Wine Drunk Kelsey decided to order a gift for Sober Kelsey and what Drunk Kelsey chose was some Amazonian Clay 12hr Highlighter from Tarte in the shade Exposed. This is a gorgeous nude highlighter, it’s very neutral/generic which makes it great for every skin tone. It’s $35 from Sephora.


This highlighter is formulated with Amazonian Clay so it’s a super soft, creamy powder. It’s very pigmented, blendable and leaves a stunning, long wearing glow. This highlighter also smells like vanilla which is something I really love about so many of the Tarte powdered products, they don’t have a chemical smell like so much makeup does. Amazonian Clay also has all these amazing benefits for your skin like it’s balancing for oily skin, it hydrates, it improves skins overall tone and texture.

I swatched it next to Butterscotch from Anastasia Beverly Hills to show how they are kind of in the same shade range. Butterscotch doesn’t have the super smooth, creamy texture that Exposed has and Butterscotch also has a slightly chunkier glitter although you can’t really see that when they are on the skin.


Overall, I really think that this was a great purchase and will definitely buy this gorgeous highlighter again.



In the next few months there are 25 new shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick being released by Kat Von D Beauty. Something really cool they’re doing – on the first Wednesday of every month they’re doing a Everlasting Flash Special and releasing one of that month’s shades for 48 hours only. January’s shade was Sancutary – a gorgeous cool toned sepia brown.


The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line is my go-to for when I really don’t want to have to worry about my lipstick. It’s super pigmented, it has a matte finish, it doesn’t flake, fade or transfer. It applies smoothly with no streaking and dries quickly. The brush allows for a precise application. It lasts insanely well even through a meal. The formula is comfortable to wear but can be drying and make lips feel tight if you wear it a lot so a lip scrub before and after use is helpful and always moisturize with a lip balm after you remove your lip colour. I definitely get sort of a purple mauve undertone from this shade. I think this may be one of my new favourite nudes! This shade launches on January 24th and will be available online at KatVonDBeauty and at Sephora.


Here it is swatched beside Bow N Arrow and Lolita. You can see how the warm colours differ to Sanctuary. I definitely like Sanctuary better with my skin tone than Lolita but I still love, love, love Bow N Arrow.




In 2016 I fell in love with Tarte Cosmetics, but the one product that I wasn’t in love with was their Lip Paint. It has a beautiful, light weight, whipped texture. It’s super pigmented and applies so smooth. But it is not transfer proof – and my standards for long wearing lipsticks are very high thanks for KVD. So when Tarte released their Quick Dry Lip Paints I was thrilled! You can read my review on the shade Bestie here. I received the shade Wannabe for Christmas.



This lipstick dries completely matte and it dries really fast. It applies smoothly and precisely with an angled brush that is cut to curve around your lip. Please excuse my horrid nails.


The colour is rich and it’s very long wearing; it doesn’t flake at all. This liquid lipstick doesn’t last through a meal quite as well as KVD but I’m still really happy with it. It can be a little drying like most liquid lipsticks, so investing in a lip scrub is a good idea. This dark brown colour is similar to Grunge from the Naughty Nudes Lip Paint collection if that was a colour you really liked. Because I’m fair skinned, this colour is great for creating dramatic, 90s grungy looks – perfect for fall.