Fenty Beauty Review

Hey friends! It’s been quite a while since Rihanna released her cosmetic line, Fenty Beauty. But lately I have found that I am SO comfortable with my cosmetics and I have finally found products that really worked for me, so I haven’t wanted to step outside of that niche. Well, thanks to the fact that you can only get Shape Tape from the Tarte website, a recent trip to Sephora had be trying new things. I picked up three products from Fenty Beauty; Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer and Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer.

Starting with the primer, I did find that this primer gave my complexion a nice matte finish instantly after application. However, I did find that my regular primer (The Mattifying Poreless Primer from Tarte) makes for a smoother foundation application. And I really didn’t feel like it did my pores any favors. I did try mixing the two primers together and I liked that; I got the more mattifying finish from the Fenty primer and then the poreless look and easier foundation blending from the Tarte primer. It is also very strongly scented, which some people may find irritating.

I didn’t get as full of coverage from the foundation with just one layer as I would have liked. If you prefer a foundation that is buildable rather than giving full coverage right off the bat, this is a good one for you. They don’t offer a shade for “fair skin with cool undertones” so I got the 110 shade for “very fair skin with cool undertones”. It is VERY light, but with blush and contour I can make it work. It also didn’t give me as smooth of a complexion as you would think, it seemed to sink into my pores. By the end of the day half of my makeup was gone, it wasn’t a good look.

I feel pretty apathetic towards the concealer. I had used it before and I really liked it but it doesn’t seem to work very well with the other Fenty products, which is super odd. I did have some major issues with it not staying in place to cover some spots once I applied a powder over it. I also found that the packaging resulted in quite a bit of product waste; there was product left at the bottle of the tube and I couldn’t fit a concealer brush into the tube to reach it.

Overall, the products didn’t seem to work very well as a collective which was a huge disappointment. I would maybe use the concealer again if I’m in a pickle but I have really hated my experience while using these products.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation

I recently had the opportunity to try the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation and while I don’t have a lot to say, I did want to share my thoughts with you before it’s launch on August 29th.


I hated the packaging. The metallic detail reminds me of the makeup I remember in my grandma’s bathroom when I was growing up. I got the Cool 2 shade for fair skin with pink undertones, it went on super orange. You are supposed to let it dry for 10 minutes to see the true colour and coverage, I don’t know who has an extra 10 minutes to wait during their morning routine but I know I don’t. It did get less orange but I don’t feel confident enough to say there was zero orange. I applied it with a beauty blender and I wouldn’t say they were 100% compatible. At the end of my work day, I didn’t feel like it held up any better than my usual foundation. Good coverage but overall I just don’t see the hype. Considering it costs $53, I think I will just stick to the Tarte Face Tape.

I received this product for free from Influenster to test and review.


Kat Von D Beauty | Vegan Love Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Guys! It’s been quite a while since I shared new makeup with you and I am super excited to share the Vegan Love palette from Kat Von D Beauty. This palette is obviously vegan and cruelty free but they also donate 20% of the retail proceeds to Mercy For Animals, which is an international non-profit that is dedicated to preventing cruelty towards animals. This palette is available at Sephora and it retails for $53 CAD. It contains 10 vibrate, metallic shades.


The packaging is super beautiful but it is so hard to compete with Kat Von D’s Gothic yet clean designs and black packaging. It has a very luxurious look to it and it isn’t at all cheesy or over the top (Looking at you, Tarte) .

inside 2

I think that it goes without saying that these shadows are intense. They deliver great pigmentation with all day wear. Kat Von D Beauty is famous for their coverage and this palette is no exception. There is a sticker on it saying that it is best applied with your finger; if you do use your finger you will notice a greater pay off and far richer colour. However, if you prefer to use a brush you absolutely can. I do recommend you use a brush that is slightly dampened with a setting spray as it will give you better colour.


I apologize for my super poor swatches; that’s really hard to do by yourself! As you can see, there’s a great range of colours in neons, neutrals and metallics; including a perfect highlighter shade; Equality is a a very light nude pictured below between the brown and red colours. There is such little colour to this shade it makes it a really great universal highlighter.



Tarteist Pro Magnetic Palette

I usually don’t bother with magnetic palettes but I picked up the Tarteist Pro Magnetic Palette in Wild Animal and I am really pleased. Because this is part of the Pro collection it is definitely better quality, and a more glamorous design. I have had a few experiences lately where Tarte products have fallen apart on me because the glue fails to hold. You can definitely tell this palette is much sturdier; it feels nice and heavy in the hands. I often don’t feel like the packaging for Tarte products really suit ‘me’, but I really like this animal print. I’m definitely attracted more to products that are black and white, black and gold etc.  I popped out all of my Tarte blushes and put them in there and popped out my highlighters from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit. The palette is big enough to fill 9 of the Tarte blushes, just to give you an idea of size.

Because it is just a magnetic palette there isn’t much to review but if you have ever been deterred from Tarte products because of the packaging design, this is definitely a sturdier component and would be great for storing Tarte’s awesome products.



Tarte Cosmetics Back To School Tools Brush Set

I recently picked up the limited edition Back To School Tools brush set from Tarte Cosmetics. It includes 6 brushes for $51 which is a pretty great deal! It includes a buffer brush, a foundation brush, a highlight/contour double ended brush, a double ended eye shadow brush, a double ended concealer brush and a double ended eye liner brush.


I love Tarte brushes because they’re so fluffy and soft, they make application a breeze. Although, I have had the head pop off a brush before so Tarte definitely needs some stronger glue. They feel nice in the hand; I get a good grip, good precision and I find the handles are a good length.

I really love the big fluffy buffer brush in this set. It’s so soft but so big so it’s perfect for applying a light layer of powder to set your makeup. I find that sometimes using a smaller, more dense brush to apply a powder foundation over a liquid foundation will cause you to have to look cakey because you’re powder application is so condensed. This brush allows for a much lighter coverage.

I also really love the precision you get from the contour end of the highlight/contour brush. The highlight end is also so soft and fluffy for adding a powder highlight or blush.

The concealer brush is super soft and fluffy which I love for the delicate skin around my eyes. I really love the soft bristols on the eye shadow brush too but what I really like is that on the fluffy blending end, it starts narrow, gets wide and then narrows again which is amazing for getting in your crease and creating a flawless blend.

Overall, these brushes are really great and its such a good value. It is limited edition though so jump on it!


Update: I paid for this brush set with a code given to me because if a palette that I had bought that came unglued. The concealer brush in this set fell apart so I contacted Tarte and they gave me a partial refund. The way I see it, I was given $50 for a palette that costed more than $50, used that $50 to buy a brush set and the brush set also fell apart on me. Slight fail by customer service.

Tarte | Custom Kit Sale

Tarte Cosmetics always has really awesome sales so I would recommend subscribing to their emails to be notified of any sales. Every few months those amazing sales include a “Build Your Own Kit” special – you get to choose 6 full sized products and a makeup bag for only $84 CAD. I built my own kit in May and it was well worth the money!

Each category of product has limited products you can choose from so you can’t just choose any 6 products from the website but they are all great products that you get to choose from.


My kit included a really cute iridescent, unicorn fabric make up bag – not sure of the value of this.

I picked the Lights, Camera, Splashes for my mascara since we are going into summer and this mascara is waterproof. It’s not my favourite mascara. The brush is a little small and I don’t get as much length and volume as I do from other mascaras but I like to just apply a coat of this over the Lash Paint and I’m good to go. This mascara is valued at $25 CAD.

For my liner I chose Lights, Camera, Precision liquid liner – not 100% sure if that’s actually the name because I don’t have it in front of me as I type but I do believe that’s close. I can’t find it on the website so they must have discontinued it and used this sale to get rid of what they had left. I get great precision from this liner but it’s a little dry, I don’t get a ton of product out and I wouldn’t say it’s the richest, most opaque black in the first layer. They’re liners average around $24-$26.

For my blush I got the Amazonian Clay 12hr Blush in the shade Exposed which is great for every skin type it’s a very versatile nude pink. Super natural looking. Pigmented and crazy blendable. It doesn’t get patchy or anything, it looks perfect all day. This blush is $35.

I also got the Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation. I started using this recently and I really like it. I use it on the oily parts of my face to set and it’s also great for a little extra coverage when my skin breaks out. It’s super soft and smooth. Also great for just using on top of a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a lighter coverage. Valued at $46.

The lip product I chose was the Quick Dry Lip Paint in the shade Festival which isn’t a limited edition shade but it is in limited edition packaging as part of the Make Believe In Yourself Collection. This colour is a beautiful pink mauve that looks great on everyone! I really love this formula too – it’s super pigmented, applies super smooth, is really pigmented and lasts a really long time. It also doesn’t feel too crazy dry and it doesn’t flake. Valued at $24.

The last product is a brush. Tarte brushes are the best – super soft, great quality and, of course, cruelty free. I got the Bronze and Glow contour brush. Which has a smaller end for applying powder contour and a big fluffy end for buffing it out. I already have this brush and I love it so I got another that I’ll just use for other powders and blending rather than contour. Valued at $41.

So this order would have totaled around $195+, because I don’t know the exact value of the makeup bag of the eyeliner. Pretty amazing deal and all great, cruelty free products!


Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick

Alright so stick foundations isn’t really a trend I cared to get in on for overall application but I think they would be super convenient for contour, especially since you would likely get more product than you would from a concealer. I picked up the Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation stick in the shade Almond, for dark medium tan skin with cool undertones.


First Impression

It’s actually not as dark as I was expecting when I look at it in the package; I wanted something more “brown”, this foundation stick is actually pretty close to the bronzer that I currently use for contouring. I guess I should have guessed that it would be like that since it says “dark medium tan“. The packaging is really nice; it feels good in the hand and I love the rose gold. Doesn’t really seem like there’s a ton of product for $33 CAD but I did get it on sale during the VIB Rouge 15% off. 0.32oz of product, a liquid foundation would have 1oz + on average. Price wise, not something I would buy if I were applying it to my whole face every day.

After Use

This is far too orange for me. My first try it went on very thick and pigmented, it wasn’t like I could put it on lightly and then build it up. It wasn’t as creamy as I would have liked so it didn’t blend very easily. For my second try I turned it and applied using the edge to get a thinner line. This worked a little better, but still didn’t blend as well as I would like and it’s very orange.

They do make shades intended for contouring so next time I will just wait for those to be in stock.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty free company.


REVIEW: TooFaced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

The Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette from TooFaced was initially a limited edition product but it was so popular they brought it back as part of an entire Sweet Peach collection.


The palette features matte, satin, shimmer and glitter shades. It has beautiful neutrals, pinks and corals, plus a deep violet, navy blue, black and olive green. The palette also smells like peaches because its infused with the antioxidant-rich fruit.
My first impression of the palette was that the component was really cute but it seemed to be kind of cheaply made. It closes magnetically but it doesn’t really feel all that secure, kind of flimsy. It’s very light which is nice for travel, it’s also great for travel because it’s super versatile; it has great colours for just subtle day to day looks, glam it up or add a pop of fun and unique colour. The peach scent was very subtle.

After using the palette I was actually pretty disappointed. The scent did become stronger. The colour pigmentation didn’t absolutely blow me away but it also wasn’t bad; some colours were definitely more pigmented than others. I was particularly fond of the pearl shades. Luscious is probably my favourite, it looks like just a nice pearl light golden brown in the palette but when I put it on my eye it reminded me of a Fuzzy Peach; how they’re yellow and then have the little orange/peach spot, it was kind of iridescent and colour changing in the light. I used the palette for a few days with a few different looks and I used it along with the TooFaced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer. I noticed that at the end of my work day the shadow had faded or was creasing. The matte shades and pearl/metallic shades seemed to withstand the day the best. I experienced some fall out when applying and it took a little more elbow grease to blend the colours nicely compared to some other brands. I was disappointed that the pink sparkles in the shade Talk Derby To Me weren’t even noticeable after application and that colour in particular faded a lot by the end of my work day.

Overall it is a really nice palette for just day to day, but I was hoping to use it for my sister’s makeup for her wedding and now I’m just not 100% sure that it would hold up for the big day.


While I was drinking with a girlfriend one night Wine Drunk Kelsey decided to order a gift for Sober Kelsey and what Drunk Kelsey chose was some Amazonian Clay 12hr Highlighter from Tarte in the shade Exposed. This is a gorgeous nude highlighter, it’s very neutral/generic which makes it great for every skin tone. It’s $35 from Sephora.


This highlighter is formulated with Amazonian Clay so it’s a super soft, creamy powder. It’s very pigmented, blendable and leaves a stunning, long wearing glow. This highlighter also smells like vanilla which is something I really love about so many of the Tarte powdered products, they don’t have a chemical smell like so much makeup does. Amazonian Clay also has all these amazing benefits for your skin like it’s balancing for oily skin, it hydrates, it improves skins overall tone and texture.

I swatched it next to Butterscotch from Anastasia Beverly Hills to show how they are kind of in the same shade range. Butterscotch doesn’t have the super smooth, creamy texture that Exposed has and Butterscotch also has a slightly chunkier glitter although you can’t really see that when they are on the skin.


Overall, I really think that this was a great purchase and will definitely buy this gorgeous highlighter again.



In the next few months there are 25 new shades of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick being released by Kat Von D Beauty. Something really cool they’re doing – on the first Wednesday of every month they’re doing a Everlasting Flash Special and releasing one of that month’s shades for 48 hours only. January’s shade was Sancutary – a gorgeous cool toned sepia brown.


The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line is my go-to for when I really don’t want to have to worry about my lipstick. It’s super pigmented, it has a matte finish, it doesn’t flake, fade or transfer. It applies smoothly with no streaking and dries quickly. The brush allows for a precise application. It lasts insanely well even through a meal. The formula is comfortable to wear but can be drying and make lips feel tight if you wear it a lot so a lip scrub before and after use is helpful and always moisturize with a lip balm after you remove your lip colour. I definitely get sort of a purple mauve undertone from this shade. I think this may be one of my new favourite nudes! This shade launches on January 24th and will be available online at KatVonDBeauty and at Sephora.


Here it is swatched beside Bow N Arrow and Lolita. You can see how the warm colours differ to Sanctuary. I definitely like Sanctuary better with my skin tone than Lolita but I still love, love, love Bow N Arrow.