Temper + Lace Bath Bombs

I’ve written about some of the Temper + Lace candles before which you can read about here and here, but today I am going to tell you about the bath bombs they have available. Stefania currently makes her bath bombs in three fragrances; rose, lavender and peppermint. Each bomb is hand made, contains a healing crystal and is completely natural. Visit her website to order online or to find a retailer near you.


The rose bath bomb is a totally romantic bathing experience. It contains rose petals and leaves your bath water a pretty pink. I found the fragrance to be very subtle but it allows for a really relaxing bath. It’s scented with rose essential oils and contains grapeseed oil and olive oil. It also contains clay, which we all know is great for your skin! Rose essential oils are often used to treat depression, as an anti-inflammatory, to balance hormones, it’s anti-viral, and also an aphrodisiac.

The peppermint bath bomb is scented with peppermint essential oils and contains olive oil for the carrier oil. It is coloured with plant powder which also contains vitamins and minerals for added benefits for your skin. Peppermint is such a refreshing and invigorating scent. I love bath bombs like this (peppermint, eucalyptus etc) for use in a cold bath on a hot summer day for a really nice refresh after a day outside. Peppermint is also the absolute best oil to use to treat headaches and is wonderful for sore and tired muscles. I did find the scent of this bath bomb was pretty subtle once diluted in the tub, although when I smelled a chunk of it while it dissolved it was very fragrant. I really liked the peppermint leaves as an added touch to this bath bomb; it made the bath really aesthetically pleasing, really luxurious and I also like that it’s an added ingredient that isn’t bad for the environment, which is always something you should consider with bath bombs. A lot of glitter and other products added to bath bombs can be harmful because they aren’t biodegradable.

The lavender bath bomb is scented with lavender essential oils of course, it gets it’s colour with natural ingredients and it also contains little lavender seeds (I’m not sure if that’s the proper terminology). I didn’t find the fragrance in this one overly pungent but it is a really relaxing bathing experience. Perfect for bed time.

Something else that I have noticed about these bath bombs is that they seem to have a very different texture than other bath bombs I’ve used. They seem harder and far more porous, they also don’t seem to fizz all that much which is because of their lack of chemical ingredients. Not that the fizzing is really the point, you use a bath bomb for the benefits of the ingredients not the fizzing. They are pretty hefty in size as well so it’s a lot of bang for your buck. They don’t contain any nasty chemicals or skin irritants like SLS, SLSA or polysorbate which I love.

All together, you can really tell that Stefania takes such pride in providing quality products to her consumers and these bath bombs are made with such love. I adore the added crystal in each bomb; leave them in the tub to soak in the healing and then use it around your home. I believe that Stefania mixes up the crystals in every batch so they aren’t always the same which I absolutely love.

update: I have used more bombs since initially publishing this and they were far more fragrant




Okay so the spring FabFitFun box for this year is actually a really good one and I am super happy with everything I got. The exchange rate isn’t great right now so while it’s $49.99 USD, this box costed almost $80 CAD.

Each box features one of three designs of roundie from Gypsy 05. Roundies are great to use for picnic blankets or at the beach. I was really hoping for the navy tie dye roundie and that’s the one I got! Valued at $50 USD.


There was a bottle of Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave In Conditioning Spray. I love leave in conditioner. My hair is colour treated and when it’s wet it can get pretty knotty. Leave in conditioner makes it a lot easier to comb out. This conditioner works great and smells really nice. I looked it up and Briogeo doesn’t test on animals. Valued at $20 USD


Each box contained one of three designs of Milly Zip Pouch. They’re water resistant clutches great for using as a beach bag or makeup bag. I got a white one that says ‘Slay All Day’ which I’m really happy with! I think I’m definitely more likely to use this as a makeup bag because there isn’t a lot of beaches where I live. Valued at $45


It also contained a bottle of Dr. Brandt Micro-dermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator. You apply, let it sit and then rinse to reveal smoother more radiant skin. Valued at $79 USD.


Each box also contained a box of four Karuna Hydrating Face Masks. These are sheet masks made out of 100% natural wood pulp fiber. These masks are super wet so there is a lot of product. It’s super easy to apply, it stays on your face pretty well. My skin felt really nice afterward. I definitely don’t think it would be nice to use on a regular basis. Valued at $28 USD.


You also got a box set of lip products from RealHer in either Deep Red, Deep Nude or Neutral Pink. Each box contained a liquid lipstick, a lip plumping lip gloss and a lip liner. I got the Deep Nude shade. It’s a really pretty deep pink nude, actually pretty similar to Bestie from Tarte. The liquid lipstick dries matte and it looks really nice on. It applied super smooth and when I first applied it I wasn’t sure it did try matte because it was pretty ‘wet’. I was pretty pleased with it overall. The lip gloss feel pretty sticky which I don’t love. They’re all pretty long wearing though. Follow me on Instagram to see what the lipstick looks like on. Valued at $48 USD.


You also got a set of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes. You either got a light blue shade and a white or a light pink shade and a white. I got the Blue Orchid/Like A Virgin box set. I’m really happy I got the blue, these are gorgeous pastels for spring. Valued at $19.


The last item in the box was a piece of jewelry. You either got a gold cuff or a set of earrings and matching ear climbers in rose gold. I got the earrings and I am really happy with that! These will be so cute for festival season. Valued at $85 USD.


A Saje Haul : March, 2017

So I recently made purchased my first ever essential oils from Saje and you can read all about it here but I was enjoying them so much that I went ahead and bought a bunch more!


So I picked up the AromaGem 2.0 Diffuser and I originally wanted this in black but I got it in chrome because I thought it would look really cool in my house cause our walls are very bright and I do a lot of black and white accents. I’m really happy with the way it looks! This diffuser was $75. It comes in chrome, gold and black. It’s heat free and runs very quietly. It shuts off automatically and can be used for 4hrs steady or in intervals for 9.5hrs. The water tank is 115ml and it fills a room that’s about 200-300 square feet. Right now I have it in my living room but I think I might move it to our bedroom and put my other diffuser in the living room since it covers a bigger space.

I really enjoyed the Pain Release bath salts so I got some more of those but I forgot to include it in the photos, I also picked up the pain release Roll On Remedy for targeted pain relief. The Pain Release blend contains marjoram, roman chamomile, and rosemary to calm and relieve aches and pains, arthritis as well as sprains and strains. I really love the way it smells, it’s very calming, and it’s great to relieve tension in my back and neck.

I picked up the Immune diffuser blend and I haven’t had the chance to use it but it’s antibacterial for use when you’re sick so I’m really excited about that. It contains eucalyptus, cinnamon and tea tree to soothe coughs and relieve you of congestion. I also experience pretty bad seasonal allergies so I picked up Allergy Release to relieve my spring allergies when the time comes.

Update: Immune makes my whole house smell like Vicks and I weirdly love it. It makes it so much easier to breath and I feel so comforted knowing it’s killing all of that airborne bacteria.

I got Stress Release for the diffuser which is pretty self explanatory. It contains lavender, roman chamomile and orange to relax you and promote happiness.

The last diffuser blend I picked up is House Warming which contains orange, vanilla and cedarwood and was developed to encourage relaxation and a welcoming feeling to put you at ease.

This is another purchase from Saje that I am really enjoying and I have to mention that Saje has the most incredible customer service that I have ever experienced. They are so friendly in store and on the phone and they promptly respond to emails. They also truly use and believe in the products so they give great recommendations and are so happy to answer your questions. I am a lover of the Saje brand!



At some point last year I did a post about some of my favourite products. During 2016 I tried a ton of new products so I decided to update my list of favourites!

Favourite Foundation

My absolute favourite foundation right now is the Amazonian Clay 12hr Foundation from Tarte. This full coverage foundation has a whipped texture that makes it blend flawlessly with a lightweight feel and an air brushed finish. It’s long wearing and is great for my oily skin. I’ve applied this and forgotten to use primer but it still blends so smoothly.

Favourite Primer

I’ve been using the Clean Slate Poreless 12hr Perfecting primer from Tarte for a while now. It’s a gel formula which is best for oily skin. It’s similar to the Smashbox Photofinish Primer but I find it makes my makeup slip around less. It helps minimize my pores for a smooth finish. It’s also waterproof; which I’ve never really understood this being a benefit since it’s the very first thing you put on your face. Does it make the rest of your makeup waterproof too? I don’t know.


Favourite Concealer

My favourite concealer right now is the Amazonian Clay 12hr Waterproof concealer from Tarte. It has a super smooth application, it blends really well, it doesn’t crease, it’s longer wearing and it has great coverage. Plus waterproof is a big benefit.

Favourite Setting Powder

Lately I’ve really been loving the Amazonian Clay Tinted Setting Powder from Tarte. It sets my makeup to keep it from slipping around while giving me a matte finish – but it also adds a sheer coverage to really finish off my foundation without adding any cakiness.


Favourite Bronzer

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer in Park Ave Princess is my favourite right now. It’s great for contouring. It’s super pigmented but blends so easily.


Favourite Blush

My favourite blush is the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in the shade Exposed. It’s the perfect shade for a super natural flush. It’s pigmented but super blendable. This is a shade I always reach for.


Favourite Highlighter

Right now my favourite high lighter is Gator Wings from Tarte in the Swamp Queen Palette. I also really love the highlighter in the Makeup Collector’s Case. If you’re looking for a new highlighter – Tarte is a great place to start. I also really love the shade Butterscotch from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit.

Favourite Liquid Liner

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is my favourite liquid liner. It has a super rich black colour, it’s waterproof and it won’t fade or smudge. It also has this amazing precision tip for easily application – making eye liner easy for even beginners.

Favourite Mascara

I am absolutely obsessed with the Lash Paint Mascara from Tarte. This mascara gives me amazing length, curl and volume with super rich black colour that doesn’t fade or flake. I only wish it came in a waterproof formula.


Favourite Brow Product

I like the Tarte Brow Mousse. It’s waterproof, it applies super well, it’s super pigmented. I really like the brush that comes with it as well. It smudges on me sometimes. My favourite brow products are from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Brow Definer is an awesome pencil cause it’s angled for definition, it’s pigmented, it applies really smooth and it doesn’t smudge.

Favourite Eye Shadow

Lately I’ve always been reaching for the Makeup Collector’s Case from the Tarte Holiday Collection. It’s a super versatile palette but it’s no longer available. I do recommend Tarte for your eye shadows though because they’re super pigmented and blend amazingly well. I also really love Urban Decay eye shadow in the colour Virgin – it’s a champagne shimmer.


Favourite Lipsticks

Kat Von D lipsticks are my favourite because they’re super pigmented and long wearing but also comfortable to wear. There’s also a huge variety of colours. Tarte’s Quick Dry Lip Paint in Bestie is my favourite nude shade right now.

Favourite Setting Spray

The Urban Decay De-Slick setting spray is seriously incredible for keeping my skin matte and helping my makeup last all day long. It’s wild.

Favourite Tools

Tarte Brushes are my favourite! I haven’t heard my Beauty Blender in weeks. Tarte brushes have super soft bristles but each brush has the perfect density for it’s purpose; making makeup easily to apply and leaving you with a nicer overall look.


Favourite Skincare

Dark Angels cleanser and Tea Tree Water toner from Lush help keep my skin soft and clear. Dark Angels gently exfoliates and deep cleans to rid me of blackheads. Tea Tree toner helps cleanse, soften and keep my oily skin balanced. Deep Dive Cleansing gel is my favourite for removing makeup. It deep cleans to get every bit of makeup off without striping my skin of it’s natural oils. It’s super gentle as well; it doesn’t irritate my skin or my eyes. I also really love the Drink of H2O moisturizer from Tarte. It’s super hydrating and fast absorbing. It doesn’t make my skin greasy either. It leaves me glowing.


All the products listed here are Cruelty-Free.



The Tarte Cosmetics collab with Bunny aka Grav3yard Girl was such a huge success that they decided to bring it back for a second round. I got the palette for Christmas from my beloved and I wanted to just write about it really quick because it is limited edition and there isn’t much of a point writing about it after it’s no longer available. The palette includes 9 gorgeous eye shadow shadows, a blush, bronzer and a highlighter.


This palette is super unique in more than one way. It’s in this gorgeous, wood grain component. It’s light weight, and the shadows smell just slightly like vanilla. All of the shadows included are totally unique to this palette. There’s a mix of satins, glitters, micro glitters and matte shades. I think the satin finishes are particularly gorgeous but Sippy Sippy is a really cool shade; a brown with golden glitter. The bronzer, Sweet Tea, is maybe a little too orange for me but it still works great for the eyes; it has a micro glitter. The blush is a super pretty pink with a micro glitter. I really love the highlighter, Gator Wings, it’s really cool because it has more of a chunky glitter mixed which I haven’t seen in any other highlighters.


These are all super pigmented shades, long wearing with no fading or creasing. They blend beautifully and are infused with Tarte’s signature Amazonian Clay which makes the powder soft and sort of creamy.


This really is a stunning and unique palette and if you have the chance to grab it before it’s gone I recommend that you do! You may even be able to catch it during Tarte’s End of Year Sale.



So this review is all about some powder products from Tarte Cosmetics that I tried recently. All of these products are made with Amazonian clay which has great benefits to your skin. Clay contains skin nourishing minerals. It also dives deep into skin to unclog pores, absorb excess oil and it gently exfoliates to rejuvenate and brighten skin. I am very happy with all of these products. I was sent a discount code so I did not pay full price for any of these products.

The age old rule for blushes is to match your blush shade with whatever colour your wearing on your lips. So red lips = red blush, nude lips = nude blush etc. But in a day and age when everyone is wearing lipstick in colours like blue, black, purple and green, it can get more confusing. In those situations, I have no pointers but to wing it. I bought these three shades based off something Leigh said on the Tarte Snapchat, but I can’t for the life of me remember what she said that made me want to buy them! I was brainwashed.

I got the shades Natural Beauty (rosy red), Dollface (light pink) and exposed (pink nude). The blushes were significantly smaller than I was expecting but blush is something that tends to last me a super long time. Exposed was part of the naughty nudes line and was $31 and the other two were $35 a piece. These are super gorgeous colours, very pigmented but beautifully blendable to create a perfectly natural flush. The colour lasted all day without any fading, blotchiness or being sucked up by foundation. Like I said, I was disappointed at the size at first, but after using them I am a huge fan of these blushes.


Another powder I recently grabbed from Tarte is the Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Tinted Pressed Setting Powder. This setting powder has just a slight tint to it giving just a sheer coverage. It really gives foundation a beautiful matte finish. This setting powder costs $43, which I would say is quite a bit so I will probably only order this again when I’m sent discount codes. Although, the component is pretty large so you get quite a bit of product.


The last powder I’m going to tell you about is the Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer. It’s in the colour Park Ave Princess. I bought this bronzer because I’ve seen a lot of girls use it to contour. It’s so blendable but also super pigmented so it’s great for a subtle contour or to build up for a more defined contour. I also really love the component it comes in. This bronzer is $38, I definitely think it’s worth it.


 Receive 15% off your first Tarte order from their website. They also send out coupon codes quite frequently. I would appreciate it if you shop using my referral link 🙂



Suicide Squad was receiving pretty harsh and terrible reviews running up to it’s August 5th release. I don’t consider myself a professional movie critic in the slightest and I am not an avid follower of comic books so I’m going to keep my thoughts pretty short.

It took them a while to get to the good stuff, they probably could have spent less time introducing each character. The cast was sort of hit or miss. Will Smith absolutely nails everything he does and was probably the least flawed in the cast; which actually isn’t surprising considering a lot of the other cast members weren’t as established of actors as the Fresh Prince. Cara Delevinge really didn’t do it for me as Enchantress. Margot Robbie was funny as Harley Quinn, but she probably could have worn pants; her butt isn’t that special. My heart did momentarily break for her though. Jared Leto was obviously amazing as The Joker, so all his method acting was definitely worth it. The Joker as a character was far more gangster than I have ever seen him before and I would love to see him in future DC movies. I feel like maybe not all the characters had enough lines to have any real character development. I also didn’t really feel like any of the characters developed any strong bonds or connections with each other but all of a sudden at the end they were family and sacrificing it all for each other.

The script was kind of lack lustre but had some pretty good one liners. The effects were very well done. There was the odd thing that I found kind of stupid so I had to keep reminding myself that it was based on a comic book and comic books tend to be a little ridiculous. The soundtrack was pretty good, but there was a couple times where the song choice didn’t add as much as to the moment as it should have. The ending could have been more and there definitely could have been bigger explosions.

Was it the Blockbuster I was expecting? No. Do I think it will win an Oscar for Best Picture? No. But all in all I would still give this movie a 7 or 8 out of 10, and I still feel like it was better than Batman V Superman.


I am an avid fan of the horror genre. I have no problem with blood and gore and I love a good ghost story. But paranormal movies always have more of an affect on me because I absolutely believe in the paranormal and their abilities. As much as I love to watch them, each movie makes me more and more paranoid. When the trailer for The Conjuring 2 was released I watched it in my office; my scream could be heard throughout the building.

The Conjuring 2 is the sequel to the 2013 film The Conjuring. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprise their roles as paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Conjuring 2 follows the Warrens as they travel to England in 1977 to assist a single mother and her four children who are experiencing poltergeist activity.

Working with children can be hard enough but having a child act like their being possessed is even worse. The cast was amazing for this film. Interestingly enough, Madison Wolfe (who plays poor Janet Hodgson) also played young Emma Duval in an episode of MTV’s Scream television series. Directing and script were pretty impressive, it didn’t come across as cheesy like many paranormal activity movies.

As far as Scare Factor goes it was really creepy and startling more than anything, which is how paranormal movies usually work. I had a hard time looking at the demon until I realized that it kind of just looked like Marilyn Manson dressed as a nun. I would have no problem watching it for a second time without closing my eyes at all. I watched the entire movie between my legs in case I needed to close them and block the screen. I also had my scarf wrapped around my head; not blocking my vision, it was just weirdly comforting. I slept fine last night without needing a night light but the image of the demon did occasionally pop up in my head and give me the heebie jeebies.

Fun Fact: Because of some strange occurrences on the set of the first movie, they had a priest bless the set on day 1 of filming the Conjuring 2.

The Conjuring 2 also absolutely killed in the box office, so I think it’s safe to say we may see another installment in the franchise. I would say the biggest downside is that the movie was very long at nearly 2 and a half hours. Overall, I would give it a 4/5!