Dear, Tarte Cosmetics – Rant

Hey everybody, today I want to rant a little bit. Over the years I have expressed a lot of love for the Tarte Cosmetics brand. Today, I want to express some strong feelings against them.

Shape Tape, Shape Tape Foundation, Amazonian Clay Foundation, their highlighters, their blushes, all amazing. I have had both successes and failures with their eye shadows; Tartelette palettes, big yes. If the eye shadow has that vanilla smell I know it’s a good one, but I’ve also bought eye shadow palettes from their holiday collections that are dry, pigmentless trash. The Sex Kitten liquid liners and their mascaras have all worked wonderfully me as well. The Color Splash lipstick in Salt Lyfe is my ride or die nude shade. So these are the products I will stand by. I will continue to purchase my foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, concealer, lipsticks, blushes and highlighters from Tarte; they work for me.

I am so tired of their recent collections and all this “Fla-mingle” shit really triggered me. If you have seen what they released today, you know what I am talking about. They have become a complete joke with cheap looking packaging.

Earlier this week I sent Tarte Cosmetics an angry email after yet another brush fell apart on me. The head fell off one of my Make Believe In Yourself brushes, one of my Back To School set brushes lost all it’s bristols, and just recently the head fell off one of my Nicol Concilio brushes. I told them they should be embarrassed to take people’s money for this garbage.  I have expressed a lot of love for Tarte brushes in the past. They are always super soft, they always leave a beautiful finish and make application so easy; I will never buy another brush set from Tarte Cosmetics. They are GARBAGE. Individual brushes seem to be better, but you also pay more for them. They are mass manufacturing these brush sets and selling them, on average, for $8 a brush; they end up falling apart. I initially received an email back from customer service asking for my order numbers, I haven’t heard back and it’s been a couple days.

Do. Not. Waste. Your. Money. I never will again.

Kat Von D offers a wonderful selection of cruelty free brushes, purchase those instead.

Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

The Tarteist Pro Glow Highlight and Contour palette is not a new product, it is new to me; but not new. I recently picked this up from Sephora for only $29.50, regular price is $59.

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First Impression

Before I get into the product itself, I really want to mention something that I really like about it, the packaging. The packaging on the Pro collection is very clean and classy; black and gold. The past little while Tarte has released a string of lines that look like they are targeting children. I am a grown ass woman, I don’t really want to buy makeup brushes that look like they cost a dollar, and are shaped like fairy wands. I do not want my face and my head to be covered in glitter. One festival line is cute or releasing a couple items every year, but please start making makeup for adults again. I am getting tired of all the unicorn, mermaid, fairy dust shit.


Now the actual product; This palette features four beautiful powder highlights, one cream contour and one powder contour. I do wish the contour shades were a little ashier and more like a natural shadow but they are really beautiful colours for adding some warmth to your face. The cream contour may work for darker skin tones but I don’t really feel like the powder contour would. It also contains four highlight powders and each one would work great for different skin tones in different ways. Highlight shade “Fire” is too dark for me but will work great as an eye shadow. The bottom line is that maybe this isn’t the most universal palette and they could think about doing a collection of Pro Glow palettes for different skin tones.

These powders are formulated with Tarte’s signature vanilla scent which I love. I have experienced a lot of flaws when purchasing Tarte products but if your powder smells like vanilla, you know it’s going to be one of the good products.

After Use

I found the cream contour to be a little “sticky” but it blended really well so the depth of colour was actually not an issue with my super fair skin. I applied the cream contour, blended it, applied a layer of powder because I have very oily skin and then applied a light layer of the contour powder in some spots for extra definition and added warmth since it is summer and I have a little colour. The powders were all super lightweight, buildable and blendable, which left a really natural looking finish. Overall, I would absolutely buy this again.



Tarte Cosmetics | Shape Tape Matte Foundation

Tarte Cosmetics recently released two Shape Tape foundation formulas, matte and a hydrating formula. For whatever reason, each formula offers different shades. I would typically wear fair beige but it’s only offered in the hydrating formula and I have very oily skin so I picked up fair neutral in the matte formula. This foundation sells for $55 CAD on


For the packaging, there are things I like and things I don’t like. I like the wand that it comes with because I think that it allows you to avoid dispensing too much product. It’s just a jumbo version of the Shape Tape concealer wand if you are familiar with that product. I do think that glass bottles cause far too much product waste because a lot of product will sit at the bottom of the bottle; you can’t reach it with the wand and no matter how long you store the bottle upside down it will not help.


I was surprised by the thickness of this foundation, as in it was not as thick as I was expecting. It really gave excellent coverage without being cakey and the finish was just absolutely beautiful; matte, smooth, and totally natural looking. Tarte foundations are always fantastic for colour; very true colour, they don’t oxidize and turn orange over time. I did only minimal touch ups with powder throughout the day and it wasn’t until I was wearing the makeup for 8-9 hours when I noticed a more severe touch up would be required to control my oil. Overall I would absolutely purchase this foundation again.


Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Vault

With the release of the brand new Tartelette Toasted palette, Tarte cosmetics released a vault of all three Tartelette palettes. The vault costs $130 CAD, which puts each palette at about 28% off regular cost.


The palettes come packaged in a beautiful hard cover purple Tartelette case. The palettes are actually super hard to get out of this case which is annoying.


Unfortunately, I received my vault with Tartelette Toasted smashed, which was obvious as soon as I opened the case. I contacted customer service immediately and they asked me to send them a photo and my order number. The day that I received the package it was also Cyber Monday and they were offering 25% off everything, which is probably why they took their sweet time replying; they didn’t want to have to give me a refund, partial refund or gift certificate code for me to turn around and buy the palette again at another discounted price. I have had to contact the Tarte customer service multiple times because of broken brushes or packaging falling apart and they are usually pretty good, and pretty quick to reply; usually. After a while, they did offer me a replacement, which I accepted. So when I hear back about that I will update this post.

Update: I received confirmation from customer service that I was receiving a replacement, as well as an email confirmation that I was getting the whole vault again. If I had known they were sending all three palettes instead of just one to replace the damaged one, I would have just asked for a refund. What am I going to do with all this eye shadow?! #FirstWorldProblems 


Tartelette Toasted is a mix of shimmer shades and mattes in warm, cozy tones; perfect for fall (or all the time really). It really is a beautiful palette so it’s really unfortunate that one of the more generic, base colours was smashed to the point where I can’t even open the palette without losing powder. I love the shadows included but do not love the packaging. I like the heaviness and sturdiness of the packaging, I love the gold accent…hate the “flames” on the front, I think they could have done a better design. The shadows are a gorgeous, creamy consistency that is super pigmented and beautifully blendable. The shades with the chunkier glitter definitely benefit from a wet brush; wetting your brush a little with a setting spray will just keep the product packed together as you apply so you can really get the most pigment.


The original Tartelette palette is all matte shades in their amazonian clay formula, amazing for creating versatile day to day looks and each row is colour coordinated for perfecting mixing. This comes in the same sturdy component as the Toasted palette but with a simple purple cover and silver accent. The shadows are also the same creamy consistency. They are more cool toned which I really prefer with my skin tone.


The Tartelette In Bloom palette is the second release in the Tartelette line and one I already had. I love this palette, it is my go to for day to day and night time looks because it has beautiful matte shades and a few shimmers to glam it up. Each row is colour coordinated and there is a mixture of cool and warm tones. Jetsetter is my all time favourite colour for a natural looking contoured crease. These have the same creamy shadow formula as the other two palettes and comes in the same gold accented component, which includes a cover of flower petals. The flower petals aren’t really “me” but the shadows are so perfect I can get over that.


Overall, I definitely recommend this line of palettes because of their super creamy and pigmented formula that blends amazingly and makes makeup application a breeze for even beginners. Plus, the component is super sturdy compared to many other palettes on the market and I love Tarte’s signature vanilla scent.


Tarte Cosmetics Clay Play Face Shaping Palette

Hello Readers! I recently picked up the oh so beautiful Clay Play Face Shaping Palette from Tarte Cosmetics! This palette includes three contour shades and 9 shadow shades in neutral tones to sculpt your whole face. This palette goes for $64 but during Tarte’s 7 days of sales for their 17th birthday, I picked up this bad boy for $25 CAD.

My palette came with some smudges on the packaging which is ~whatever~. The packaging is super sturdy, definitely one of the palette’s made from better quality materials.


My favourite contour shade in this is the one in the middle, it’s called Desert. However, I have really fair skin and my ideal contour shade would be closer to the eye shadow “Dunes” in this palette which is more grey and ashy. It’s very close to (maybe the same as) Jetsetter from the Tartelette In Bloom eye shadow palette. In this palette it is the one on the top left in the shadows above Desert. I find that these ashy shades create a more cool toned, natural looking shadow. Dunes is definitely my go-to for my crease when doing my eyes.


These powders are super silky and pigmented. They blend so well and they also have that Tarte signature vanilla scent. While this palette is all neutral tones it’s also so versatile and perfect for travel because you have every thing you need to sculpt your face is on pretty palette.


The only bad experience I had with this palette is that I tried to use the darkest contour shade and ended up with it looking super blotchy. It didn’t blend smoothly which I don’t blame on the powder; I had recently run out of primer and I had just applied Clearasil to my face so I was applying the powder to a very dry foundation. This of course ended up a disaster since I had use the darkest shade. So these powders definitely benefit from a nice smooth, well moisturized or well primed base.

Overall, this palette is a really great investment. I particularly feel like this is a great palette for people who aren’t huge makeup enthusiasts because it’s all in one palette and it’s all very basic, not intimidating at all.


Tarteist Pro Magnetic Palette

I usually don’t bother with magnetic palettes but I picked up the Tarteist Pro Magnetic Palette in Wild Animal and I am really pleased. Because this is part of the Pro collection it is definitely better quality, and a more glamorous design. I have had a few experiences lately where Tarte products have fallen apart on me because the glue fails to hold. You can definitely tell this palette is much sturdier; it feels nice and heavy in the hands. I often don’t feel like the packaging for Tarte products really suit ‘me’, but I really like this animal print. I’m definitely attracted more to products that are black and white, black and gold etc.  I popped out all of my Tarte blushes and put them in there and popped out my highlighters from my Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit. The palette is big enough to fill 9 of the Tarte blushes, just to give you an idea of size.

Because it is just a magnetic palette there isn’t much to review but if you have ever been deterred from Tarte products because of the packaging design, this is definitely a sturdier component and would be great for storing Tarte’s awesome products.



Tarte Cosmetics Back To School Tools Brush Set

I recently picked up the limited edition Back To School Tools brush set from Tarte Cosmetics. It includes 6 brushes for $51 which is a pretty great deal! It includes a buffer brush, a foundation brush, a highlight/contour double ended brush, a double ended eye shadow brush, a double ended concealer brush and a double ended eye liner brush.


I love Tarte brushes because they’re so fluffy and soft, they make application a breeze. Although, I have had the head pop off a brush before so Tarte definitely needs some stronger glue. They feel nice in the hand; I get a good grip, good precision and I find the handles are a good length.

I really love the big fluffy buffer brush in this set. It’s so soft but so big so it’s perfect for applying a light layer of powder to set your makeup. I find that sometimes using a smaller, more dense brush to apply a powder foundation over a liquid foundation will cause you to have to look cakey because you’re powder application is so condensed. This brush allows for a much lighter coverage.

I also really love the precision you get from the contour end of the highlight/contour brush. The highlight end is also so soft and fluffy for adding a powder highlight or blush.

The concealer brush is super soft and fluffy which I love for the delicate skin around my eyes. I really love the soft bristols on the eye shadow brush too but what I really like is that on the fluffy blending end, it starts narrow, gets wide and then narrows again which is amazing for getting in your crease and creating a flawless blend.

Overall, these brushes are really great and its such a good value. It is limited edition though so jump on it!


Update: I paid for this brush set with a code given to me because if a palette that I had bought that came unglued. The concealer brush in this set fell apart so I contacted Tarte and they gave me a partial refund. The way I see it, I was given $50 for a palette that costed more than $50, used that $50 to buy a brush set and the brush set also fell apart on me. Slight fail by customer service.

Tarte 2017 Holiday Collection | Sex Kitten Squad Lash and Line Set

This year’s holiday collection from Tarte Cosmetics is inspired by Moroccan Mosaics. As always, the collection features a lot of great product sets. I picked up the Sex Kitten Squad Lash and Line set. I got 15% off so I paid only $18 for this set, regularly priced at $21 CAD. The set includes a smaller Sex Litten liquid liner, a travel sized Tarteist Pro Lash Glue and a set of their cruelty free lashes in “Sex Kitten” which is not available anywhere but in this set.


The Sex Kitten liquid liner is a liner I’ve been using for a little while now. I get great precision and super rich black colour. The product dispenses from the felt tip evenly and easily. It’s long wearing and waterproof. This set includes a liner that is 1.0 ml. This liner sells for $24 in the 1.4ml size.

I have used their lash glue as well, I love that it’s black because it makes it impossible to see, it blends right in with my liner. The glue in the set is 2.5ml and a full sized tube is 3.5ml and sells for $12. I’ve also used a few different sets of their false lashes before. I don’t really like lashes meant to create more volume because when I blend them with my natural lashes it’s just too much and I look like a drag queen. I like these Sex Kitten lashes because they build a nice length and still look natural. Tarte sells their lashes for $15.

Overall I would think the products probably value at least $40 CAD. This set is great for gifting just for scoring a great deal on quality products for yourself.


Tarte Haul | Sister’s Wedding Edition

Tarte had one of their friends and family sales in July, offering 25% off almost everything on their website. I placed multiple orders in the week that they offered this sale. My first order was an order I placed with a 15% discount code I was sent because I needed a darker foundation shade for the summer. I then placed an order during the 25% off sale to stock up on products for my sister’s wedding and placed a final order a couple days later when I received a code for $50 off because of my Tarte Tokens!

Here’s just a list of everything I got and then I’ll share details below!

Amazonian Clay 12 Hr Full Coverage Foundation | Fairly Light Beige
Travel Size Deep Dive Cleansing Gel & Full Sized Deep Dive Cleansing Gel
Sex Kitten Liquid Liner
Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12 hr Concealer | Fair & Fair-Light
Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation | Fair Neutral
Rainforest Of The Sea Marine Boost Setting Mist
Rainforest Of The Sea Water Foundation | Porcelain & Fair Beige
Limited Edition Rainforest Of The Sea Eye Shadow Palette Volume III

I’ll start with the complexion products. The Amazonian Clay 12hr Full Coverage Foundation is the foundation I’ve been using for the past year or so but for the summer I had to go up a shade. I’m usually Fair Beige but I got the Fairly Light Beige for fair to light skin with pink undertones, but it still wasn’t dark enough to match my summer tan! I love this foundation because you get amazing coverage with a super smooth application and you only need a little bit of product. It feels great on my skin and wears all day. The Amazonian Clay councealer is also something I’ve used before. This concDSC_0015ealer is super smooth and has great coverage. I went up a shade for myself and got it in Fair for my sister. I use the Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation has a setting powder because I can add just an extra bit of light coverage and it keeps my creams in place. The new product for me is the Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation. This has a drop applicator which I like because you can do as little or as much as you want. I picked this up in my regular shade for myself and in Porcelain for my sister, she does prefer a lighter coverage so I thought this would be a great foundation for her to try. I don’t know if I feel like this is really compatible with my oily skin because the two times I wore it I did feel like I got oily faster than I do with the Amazonian Clay foundation.

The Sex Kitten liquid liner is a new product to me. I really like the packaging. The brush is gives great precision. It’s a very heavy application,by that I mean that a lot of product dispenses so I have to be careful when I want to create a thinner line. Online it says it’s a waterproof product but it doesn’t say that anywhere on the packaging which I think is a huge design flaw.

I also picked up a couple skincare products. I got both a travel size and a regular size of the Deep Dive Cleansing Gel because I ordered the travel size first not knowing that in just a couple days they would have a 25% off sale. I love this cleanser, it’s a nice foaming gel formula that’s so gentle I can even DSC_0021use it on my eyes without any irritation and it removes absolutely everything. It makes my skin feel so soft and keeps my complexion looking bright. I also got the 4 in 1 Marine Boosting Setting Mist which can be used to prime skin, set makeup, hydrates and refreshes. I really like this mist because I can just spray it on throughout the day to refresh my face without disturbing my makeup and I know that it’s going to give me a little hydration. It smells like oranges which is awesome.

The last product is the new Rainforest of the Sea highlighting eye shadow palette Volume III. This palette is a lot brighter than Volume II which I have written about before. It’s all highlighting shades with the exception of one matte taupe colour that’s a great crease colour; some warm and some more cool toned but all pretty bright shades. I really like this formula, it’s very rich and smooth, not a lot of fall out. Some of the lighter shades definitely benefit from a wet brush; I like to use the Marine Boosting mist for this.  I’ve posted a side by side of the Volume II and Volume III. I would like to get the Volume I but I haven’t bothered yet because it’s more pinky.

Tarte is a cruelty free and vegan friendly company which I really like. They are great quality products, I’m never really disappointed. Their brand is very much about keeping things natural, so a lot of their packaging isn’t really my ‘style’; my eye is drawn to products in more edgy packaging, I like black and white packaging, but I do love the Tarte products. If Tarte ever wanted to create an edgier line I would be all over it. They did a unicorn line, so maybe a witchy one could come one day too!


Tarte | Custom Kit Sale

Tarte Cosmetics always has really awesome sales so I would recommend subscribing to their emails to be notified of any sales. Every few months those amazing sales include a “Build Your Own Kit” special – you get to choose 6 full sized products and a makeup bag for only $84 CAD. I built my own kit in May and it was well worth the money!

Each category of product has limited products you can choose from so you can’t just choose any 6 products from the website but they are all great products that you get to choose from.


My kit included a really cute iridescent, unicorn fabric make up bag – not sure of the value of this.

I picked the Lights, Camera, Splashes for my mascara since we are going into summer and this mascara is waterproof. It’s not my favourite mascara. The brush is a little small and I don’t get as much length and volume as I do from other mascaras but I like to just apply a coat of this over the Lash Paint and I’m good to go. This mascara is valued at $25 CAD.

For my liner I chose Lights, Camera, Precision liquid liner – not 100% sure if that’s actually the name because I don’t have it in front of me as I type but I do believe that’s close. I can’t find it on the website so they must have discontinued it and used this sale to get rid of what they had left. I get great precision from this liner but it’s a little dry, I don’t get a ton of product out and I wouldn’t say it’s the richest, most opaque black in the first layer. They’re liners average around $24-$26.

For my blush I got the Amazonian Clay 12hr Blush in the shade Exposed which is great for every skin type it’s a very versatile nude pink. Super natural looking. Pigmented and crazy blendable. It doesn’t get patchy or anything, it looks perfect all day. This blush is $35.

I also got the Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation. I started using this recently and I really like it. I use it on the oily parts of my face to set and it’s also great for a little extra coverage when my skin breaks out. It’s super soft and smooth. Also great for just using on top of a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a lighter coverage. Valued at $46.

The lip product I chose was the Quick Dry Lip Paint in the shade Festival which isn’t a limited edition shade but it is in limited edition packaging as part of the Make Believe In Yourself Collection. This colour is a beautiful pink mauve that looks great on everyone! I really love this formula too – it’s super pigmented, applies super smooth, is really pigmented and lasts a really long time. It also doesn’t feel too crazy dry and it doesn’t flake. Valued at $24.

The last product is a brush. Tarte brushes are the best – super soft, great quality and, of course, cruelty free. I got the Bronze and Glow contour brush. Which has a smaller end for applying powder contour and a big fluffy end for buffing it out. I already have this brush and I love it so I got another that I’ll just use for other powders and blending rather than contour. Valued at $41.

So this order would have totaled around $195+, because I don’t know the exact value of the makeup bag of the eyeliner. Pretty amazing deal and all great, cruelty free products!