Temper + Lace | Holiday 2019

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukah. Whatever you celebrate, we can all agree that a cozy candle warms the home during the holidays.

Temper + Lace has released a fantastic line of Holiday/Winter candles for 2019.

Fireside features warm woods, vanilla and raspberry. Really warm vanilla with a sweet raspberry undertone.

Nutcracker is plum, currant and sugar. This one is a very sweet and fruity scent so if you prefer something fruity this one is definitely for you. It reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on but it’s a deliciously fruity dose of Christmas.

Noel is mulberry, cranberries and spice. If you are familiar with Temper + Lace you might remember a cranberries and spice scent from Christmas 2018. This one is pretty different from last years cranberries + spice. Last year’s scent was very sweet, like a cranberry cider. This one has a lot more of a spicy cinnamon smell.

Sleigh is evergreen and musk. I was a little skeptical of this one because when you see the word “musk” you never really know what that might mean. This candle is actually so, so nice. It is super fresh, a little more masculine. Will leave your home smelling like a Christmas tree farm.

She also has a few winter scents that will be available for you to enjoy all season long.

Creme – marshmallow, honey, toasted almond
Maple Sugar – maple, butter
Toasty – coconut milk, brown sugar, nutmeg
Tobacco – orange, amber, tobacco

Temper + Lace candles are made with soy wax and feature wood wicks. Each candle is either scented with essential oils or paraben and phthalate free fragrance oil for a completely non toxic burn. They have a 70+ hour burn time. Save 10% on your order from Temper + Lace with the code kelsey10.

Temper + Lace | Valentine’s Day Collection 2019

Temper + Lace has released a collection of three Valentine’s Day candles for 2019. These candles are scented with fragrance oil that is phthalate and paraben free. They also feature a super cute new label design and a new cherry wood wick which is smaller than their previous wick to help candles burn longer.


If you had the chance to smell Love Actually from the winter 2018 collection, you might find this one to be slightly similar! It features juicy pomegranate and the sweet, creamy undertones of marshmallow. It is very reminiscent of cotton candy, especially when burning. This is the scent that I was most curious about, and I absolutely love it! This is a super playful fragrance; if you like sweet scents, this is the one for you!



Vanilla and Sandalwood go together like PB&J. This candle is warm, inviting and grounding for a truly comforting scent. This scent is super universal, a real classic; there’s no guessing when it comes to this blend of fragrances. I definitely found that the scent in this one wasn’t as strong as the other two in the collection before I lit it and after lighting it was still more subtle but it is a really beautiful, elegant and, I really can’t over use this word, classic fragrance.



Allure is a more classically masculine scent. This one is definitely more of a perfumey colonge smell with warm, honey-like amber and spicy nutmeg and cloves. It’s also almost a little bit floral. I wasn’t hella crazy about this one off the bat but I have learned that these candles may not always be as they first appear; sometimes they can smell totally different when you burn them! This candle is HEAVENLY when burning. The amber really shines with the candle is burning and it is such a luxurious scent; it made my whole house smell so lavish. If you’re not sure about this scent, I would recommend giving it a shot anyway because it truly is magnificent.


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Temper + Lace Candles | Volume III

Hey guys! Thanks for reading. Today I’ve got a couple more Temper + Lace candles to share with you! If you haven’t read about Temper + Lace on my blog before I’ll start by introducing the brand. Temper + Lace offers amazing, hand poured, soy candles with wood wicks and the candles are completely non toxic. You can also pick up essential oil blends and all natural bath bombs. This is a female run business out of High River, Alberta and these candles are available online and in stores across western Canada!

First up is Luna which was actually released with the fall line so I’m not sure how many more are available but if you love fruity scents and you have the chance to grab this one it’s definitely a good one! This one is strong on the pineapple; it also has peach and orange. It’s a tropical vacation in a candle.


Vanilla Bourbon is one of the winter scents. It’s a super warm vanilla with just a touch of oaky bourbon and cedarwood which creates a super cozy scent. I initially thought I got a hint of citrus because there was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. The best description I could give is a warm vanilla and caramel with woodsy undertone. The bourbon is far more noticeable while burning and the warm vanilla will really fill your home. After the candle was used, the bourbon smell was a lot more noticeable when the candle was unlit.


Hot Cocoa is also a seasonal scent for winter. This isn’t an overly sweet chocolate smell which I really like. A warm vanilla is super prominent. Once it’s burning, you do smell the chocolate a significant amount more. Like with the Vanilla Bourbon, the chocolate in this candle was a lot more noticeable when the candle was unlit after it was burned for a while. The hot cocoa candle from Bath and Body Works was always one of my favourites so I love being able to enjoy that smell without all the toxins.


Love Actually is another candle from the winter collection. Fun Fact: I actually helped come up with the name for this one. Love Actually is sugar dipped berries and cotton candy which results in super sweet raspberry scent. It smells quite strong initially which some people may find off putting but the scent really disperses nicely when lit. It reminds me of the Black Raspberry and Vanilla body products from Bath and Body Works or the sweet Vera Wang perfumes I used to wear.

love actually

Cranberries + Spice is also from the 2018 Winter collection. If you like apple cider and cranberries, this is the candle for you. It has the warm, spicy and sweet smell of apple cider with the tart cranberries. This is such a cozy candle perfect for Christmas. After it was released I had heard everyone say this one is absolutely amazing and it definitely lives up to the hype!


Luna, Vanilla Bourbon, Hot Cocoa, Love Actually and Cranberries + Spice are all scented with high grade fragrance oils but you can rest assured they are phthalate and paraben free. An added little FYI, the fragrance oil candles do burn a little faster than her core collection of essential oil scented candles.

Stef was also kind enough to send me the Pomona essential oil blend which is the same oils as the Pomona candle but as an oil blend for use in your diffuser. The Temper + Lace oils are 100% pure oils. The Pomona candle is one of my favourites so this amazing blend as a diffuser oil is perfect for me to use at work. Pomona is white grapefruit, lemon, lime and blood orange making it the perfect scent for when you need a little ‘pick me up’.


I can’t say enough nice things about Temper + Lace. I have never had a bad experience with the products so I highly recommend you check out her website to order online or find a stockist near you.


Temper + Lace Candles Volume II

Hey Guys! It’s been quite a while since I shared the magic of Temper + Lace candles with you and I wanted to update you with some new scents that I have tried since my initial post, which you can see here.

So first up is a limited edition candle that you can’t get anymore but I wanted to share it anyway just in case it ever comes back! Wanderlust is scented exclusively with essential oils and it contains patchouli, neroli, rosemary, lavender and geranium. It’s an earthy, musty floral scent.

Similar to Wanderlust is one of her new candles she released this fall; Moon Magic. This one is lavender, bergamot, vetiver and patchouli. It’s another earthy, musty, floral scent. Super relaxing and cozy. The floral scent in this one isn’t quite as strong as it is in Wanderlust but you definitely smell the Lavender and the bergamot adds a really nice warmth.

Another release she did this fall was Autumn which is scented with high grade fragrance oils; it’s phthalate and paraben free. It smells like an apple pie! It’s so yummy; warm and cozy. Heavy on the cinnamon but when you light it the scent disperses beautifully.

Replenish + Renew + Reset is her latest charity candle; it’s in support of the Reset Society of Calgary. The Reset society helps women leave lives of sexual exploitation so whether they are victims of sex trafficking or they were former sex workers; Reset helps them transition out of that life by helping them with housing, school, getting jobs etc. This candle is similar to Pomona in the citrusy sort of way but it also contains lemongrass. It’s scented with lemongrass, white grapefruit and mandarin essential oils; super uplifting and also relaxing.

Wild Orange + Cedarwood is from her core collection. It’s heavy on the woodsy cedarwood scent and has a light splash of citrus. This scent is warm, grounding and also uplifting. Orange and Cedarwood is one of my favourite parings.

Maple Sugar is another fall candle. It’s a really warm and sweet candle scented with fragrance oils. It’s a really light maple scent with warm vanilla like a maple sugar cookie. It comes off as a very strong scent but when it’s lit it really disperses throughout your home so beautifully. It is such a cozy scent that I will for sure be burning well into winter.

I highly recommend Temper + Lace for quality candles that are non toxic. I absolutely love the wood wick and the overall experience of burning these candles; they really create such a beautiful ambiance and fill your home with fragrance.

You can order online from the Temper + Lace website pay only five dollars shipping all across Canada.

Temper + Lace Bath Bombs

I’ve written about some of the Temper + Lace candles before which you can read about here and here, but today I am going to tell you about the bath bombs they have available. Stefania currently makes her bath bombs in three fragrances; rose, lavender and peppermint. Each bomb is hand made, contains a healing crystal and is completely natural. Visit her website to order online or to find a retailer near you.


The rose bath bomb is a totally romantic bathing experience. It contains rose petals and leaves your bath water a pretty pink. I found the fragrance to be very subtle but it allows for a really relaxing bath. It’s scented with rose essential oils and contains grapeseed oil and olive oil. It also contains clay, which we all know is great for your skin! Rose essential oils are often used to treat depression, as an anti-inflammatory, to balance hormones, it’s anti-viral, and also an aphrodisiac.

The peppermint bath bomb is scented with peppermint essential oils and contains olive oil for the carrier oil. It is coloured with plant powder which also contains vitamins and minerals for added benefits for your skin. Peppermint is such a refreshing and invigorating scent. I love bath bombs like this (peppermint, eucalyptus etc) for use in a cold bath on a hot summer day for a really nice refresh after a day outside. Peppermint is also the absolute best oil to use to treat headaches and is wonderful for sore and tired muscles. I did find the scent of this bath bomb was pretty subtle once diluted in the tub, although when I smelled a chunk of it while it dissolved it was very fragrant. I really liked the peppermint leaves as an added touch to this bath bomb; it made the bath really aesthetically pleasing, really luxurious and I also like that it’s an added ingredient that isn’t bad for the environment, which is always something you should consider with bath bombs. A lot of glitter and other products added to bath bombs can be harmful because they aren’t biodegradable.

The lavender bath bomb is scented with lavender essential oils of course, it gets it’s colour with natural ingredients and it also contains little lavender seeds (I’m not sure if that’s the proper terminology). I didn’t find the fragrance in this one overly pungent but it is a really relaxing bathing experience. Perfect for bed time.

Something else that I have noticed about these bath bombs is that they seem to have a very different texture than other bath bombs I’ve used. They seem harder and far more porous, they also don’t seem to fizz all that much which is because of their lack of chemical ingredients. Not that the fizzing is really the point, you use a bath bomb for the benefits of the ingredients not the fizzing. They are pretty hefty in size as well so it’s a lot of bang for your buck. They don’t contain any nasty chemicals or skin irritants like SLS, SLSA or polysorbate which I love.

All together, you can really tell that Stefania takes such pride in providing quality products to her consumers and these bath bombs are made with such love. I adore the added crystal in each bomb; leave them in the tub to soak in the healing and then use it around your home. I believe that Stefania mixes up the crystals in every batch so they aren’t always the same which I absolutely love.

update: I have used more bombs since initially publishing this and they were far more fragrant



Temper + Lace Candles Volume I

Temper + Lace candles are made in High River, Alberta using 100% soy wax,  scented exclusively with essential oils and made with all natural ingredients. No synthetic dyes or fragrances.  These candles are super clean burning and the company prides themselves on being Eco-friendly. Read more about their products on their website.  These candles are available all over Western Canada in stores and can be ordered off their website. All of their retail locations are available on their website. You can really tell that each candle and each product is made and packaged with such love and care.

I picked up 3 of these candles and I wanted to share these scents with you.

The first scent is Pomona which includes lemon, lime, white grapefuit and blood orange. I love citrus scents, they are so uplifting and make my home smell so clean and fresh which is so important when you have as many animals as I do. I don’t find the scent is over powering at all; there is a really nice balance and all scents compliment each other beautifully, filling your whole home with goodness.


Breathe is scented with eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus is so awesome so when you are congested, it will really open up your airways and let you breathe fresh and easy again. I love this scent so much, it is so refreshing and spa like.


The last scent I have is Coconut + Lime. This one is definitely a sour lime smell. It is nice, but I do wish that you could smell the coconut more. This one smells very strongly when it is unlit but do not let that deter you in any way cause once it is lit in a big space and the scent disperses it is such a nice scent and it really fills your whole home.


These are wood wick candles. If you have never used a wood wick candle it can be strange at first. These were my first wood wick candles. They will not stay lit to begin with, but if you just keep trying it will take and then you’ll be good to go. Further instructions on how to use the wood wick are also available on their website. I just love the crackling sound of the wood wicks and I am so into these candles right now.

Visit their website to find a retailer near you in western Canada or to order online!